Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Weekly Dinner Posts - April 9-12, 2012

Coming up with a weekly dinner plan is important to me (and occasionally to my husband). :)

I like to have everything planned out when it comes to dinner.  This way I know exactly what to get at the grocery store for the week, and my husband always knows what's cooking that night (or if he needs to do the cooking!).

This week we are making:
  • Monday - Warm Spinach Salad with Chicken Turkey Sausage - compliments Shape Magazine April 2012
  • Tuesday - Chicken Fajitas - my hubby's concoction
  • Wednesday - Some sort of Fish and Broccoli (last week we did a recipe pinned on Pinterest that was TO DIE FOR and I think I might try it again)
  • Thursday - Spicy Shrimp with Summer Corn Chowder - compliments of my e-mealz subscription from last year
Cooking should be fun!  It should make you want to have dinner at home.  It should be tasty.  Most importantly to me on weeknights, it should be simple enough to make in less than 30 minutes (not necessarily including cooking time in the oven since I can do other things like clean, workout, walk the dogs, etc. during oven baking time).

Last weeks fish was SPECTACULAR.  I will make a separate post on it HERE.


  1. How do you and Neal make your weekly dinner plans?? :) That would make a great post for us planners out here. I feel like I have no idea where to even get started.

    1. I hadn't done any meal planning until I got married and we both worked full time. That's when I realized how much we neede to just plan a meal, or we would be eating Taco Bell and Papa Murphy's every night (which we love, but our stomachs don't love as much!) To get started, I write down 2-4 meats that we would want for the next week. I do this on Saturday or Sunday, getting suggestions from Neal. If we say fish, we normally know we want Tilapia, then we decide on a veggie side and how we would want to season the fish (bread crumbs, lemon pepper, spicy spices, or something I found on Pinterest). And we do the same with our other meats: beef, ground turkey, chicken, pork, etc. If you want a GREAT place to start, I suggest e-Mealz. They do weekly dinner plans. We signed up for about 3 months of this, and now I have 60 or so really great meals we cook and modify. The price out the meals and it's only $5 a month. BUt do some seaching for a Dave Ramsey price and you will get a better deal than $5 a month :) http://emeals.com/