Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Little Update :)

These last 7 weeks have been a whirl wind!

As a new mom, I only took 6 weeks off from work, well technically 5 and a half... and less off from Lively Happenings.  I happily got busy with Lively Happenings, getting orders filled and coming up with some fun new items just two weeks postpartum! ...then week 3 came along and my boss called to tell me 3 coworkers are being let go and I'm taking on two of their job roles (still over here contracted, no benefits etc.).  Week 3 - 4 was a big ol' B word.  And I tried to muster up the happiness to write about my 1 month favorites for Braelyn, and updates about her...but I just couldn't.  Instead, I chose to have my moody week and then take the next 2 weeks to just make my days about Braelyn before she had to start daycare and I had to go back to work.

Well, I'm back at work, and things are just as usual here.  Nothing too exciting about an IT job, but I am so thankful it's flexible-ish!  My return to work was pretty easy actually.  Going through emails only took me 1/2 a day and the work schedule seemed to be right where I left it.  I'll be training between now and December for those lovely job roles I'm taking we shall see how that all goes.

As for Lively Happenings, I am absolutely loving filling orders and being creative with this part time job of mine!!!  I have a new Instagram account I'm trying to beef up with followers to get more of my designs out there.  I separated my accounts:  @LivelyHappeningLife for all my baby stuff, workouts, food, and day to day fun and then @LivelyHappenings for all my business goodies.  I'm also working on some really fun new little girl products (yay!) and am considering looking into designing some apparel for little ones in the form of fun onesies and shirts.  I'd LOVE YOUR OPINION!

First, the little girl products:

I'm doing headband sets.  Each set will include 3-5 clips and 3 stretchy elastic headbands.  The clips can be attached to yours or your little ones hair. Each headband can be worn alone. Or if your little one is hairless, like mine, each headband will have a section for you to attach your clip onto the headband!  So you are getting 15-23 different way to use these pieces, pending on the style you choose!!!  ...did I do that math right...oh well, you get the idea...right ;)

Here's the first look into this collection, the Felted Bows!!!  See them in Lively Happenings shop HERE for more detail pics!

Choose Big or Small Bows! 


Black & White 



Whats your favorite?  Get your set HERE!!!

Last, but not least....

As for the apparel, I've drawn up some ideas, but I haven't gone to a print shop yet to check prices to see what the cost would bring to get these designs to you.  What are your thoughts?!  Do we like these, do we love these, should we pass on this?  Let me know your thoughts, pretty pretty please!

It's harder to read the small writing, so blow this photo up to get the full view!

The bottom middle shirt reads "Cute tops and nap time by Mommy for cuddles.  Cute printed leggins all wrapped in my sling.  These are a few of my favorite things!"