Saturday, April 6, 2013

Half Marathon - Southern Indiana Classic 2013


This morning at 5am I woke up happy as a puppy!  I couldn't wait to have a yummy breakfast of TIU Perfect Fit Protein Pancakes.  I made enough for my dad, Kim, Neal & myself.  I loaded them with fresh strawberries and frozen blue berries. 

We chose to have breakfast about an hour and a half before our race so we shall I gracefully state what every runner goes through pre race....umm digest and use the restroom at home :)  If you have ever been to a race, and used the porta-potties, you will know what I mean!

I had all my clothes set out and was ready to get dressed and go to the 4-H center where I was running the Southern Indiana Classic Half Marathon & Dad & Kim were running the 8k.

It was a chilly morning with a lot of wind as we started, I was thankful for bringing my great Sherpa long sleeved shirt with thumb holes that I bought off The Clymb last year for our Grand Teton Summit Adventure!

I had my play list ready, my prayers were made, my mind engaged for the task at hand, and my body well prepped from my half-marathon training.  A lot of my music consisted of what I refer to 'dirty skanky rap music' although most of it is dance songs you hear on the radio mixed in with some Journey "Don't Stop Believing", Ram Jam "Black Betty" (thanks Brittany DC!!! awesome suggestion), and some my favorite for this run, "Hall of Fame" by the Script! 
Most of the run took place the Booneville/Darmstad area, a little north of Evansville.  The run was actually beautiful.  Around mile 4, I found myself appreciating being in this half marathon much more than I felt in the Music City Half I did a few years ago.  We went through soft rolling hills around wide open farm land, through some slightly wooded residential areas, and then back through more farm land.  I absolutely loved the scenary.  I think this race really made me appreciate Evansville a little more. Yes, it's mostly GMO farms, but everybody's just making a living :)  The only downside was the smell.  From mile 7-9 the stench of cattle manure was so strong, I actually coughed a little at one point!
Around mile 7 was where I first felt my left knee hurting.  It was a very strong pain, one I am familiar with.  In training when I would get this pain, I would stop running and go work out on the machine, building my leg muscles instead.  That's supposed to help, by strengthening the muscles around your legs, especially your quads, you can prevent knee injuries.  Although, since today was race day, I just had to push through those last five miles.  I could really really feel it at mile 10, but I knew I only had 3 more miles to go.  My iPod changed songs at just the right moment, and "Carry On" by FUN came on.  It put a big smile on my face and I pushed through the pain.
I believe I would be quite entertaining & embarrassing to watch as I run.  I had many songs on the play list that was just raunchy & totally make me giggle and move my hands to the beat of the drum or strum of a guitar.
From mile 11 to the finish line there was motivational phrases like "Never Give Up", "Way to Go", "Almost There" & "Go (insert name) go" written with chalk along the roads.  Even though they weren't my name, I still found motivation!
Two other big differences I found between this race and the Music City Half was the amount of porta-poties on the route (thankfully didn't need them), and the amount of community supporters on the route!  There was hardly ever a time longer than 3 minutes that I didn't see another family watching at their driveway or gathering as groups at certain turns along the trails.  It was absolutely wonderful and I applaud these great families for showing their support!

I saw Kim at mile 13, happily holding a massive bag of kettle corn which we are going to likely devour by the end of the weekend!  Having her cheer me on really helped me push myself and pass two people before crossing the finish line.

I finished the race strong with Alicia Keys "This Girl is On Fire", which I found highly appropriate and very motivational!

I love that when you do a half or full marathon, you immediately get a medal.  Totally makes my day, I freaking love medals.  Yes, I am motivated by a medal, it's kinda lame, but they really make me happy!

I did some good stretches after walking around for a few minutes and posed for some pictures with my favorite shirt from Abundant Heart Apparel.

Neal took a picture of the family of runners before we went and found out our official race times.

I could hardly believe the screen when I saw my official time.  WELL under the 1:55 I was aiming for, I made it in 1:45 at a pace of 8:05 and most surprising was 5th overall the women and 2nd in my age!  Holy cow!!! I know this is a MUCH smaller race than many, but 5th overall!  Woot woot!  And my time, wow!  I still can hardly believe it!

Dad & Kim also found out that they are 2nd in their divisions!  We all came in 2nd and posed for one more picture!

It was a really great race.  My left knee is going to give me trouble for the next few days, I can tell, but I am so glad that I did the Southern Indiana Classic!  I am so thankful for my Dad & Kim coming out and running the 8k and for my amazing husband supporting me today and every day!
Just look at those calories burned :)  I know my monitor even stopped at one point, so I may have burned even more...We are off to eat a delicious lunch at a local Mexican restaurant!
Have a happy Saturday!
Question of the day:
Has being involved in any event in your town made you appreciate the area more?  If so what was the event and what changed your mind?


  1. Wow I am so proud of you! Your time was amazing and I cannot believe you shaved 10 minutes off of you goal- awesome and very motivational!
    Also, I love the 13.1 shirt which is just so cute. And your playlist CRACKED me up. That kind of resembles my work out CD last winter (minus a few Lady Gaga songs lol)

    Recently I went to a screening of a film made by local climbers and it really pumped me up to get out and climb and exposed me to some climbing areas that I had never heard of. Plus I got to see people climbing local routes on the video which was awesome and they really inspired me! Today I went climbing and Lead my first climb ever and had such a blast!!

    1. That's awesome about leading your first climb!!! Glad you enjoyed my playlist. My husband always tells me I'm not high school anymore and can get new songs :)

  2. You never cease to amaze me! I'm so proud of you. Thanks for inspiring me (and I'm sure many others) to run with our hearts. :)

    1. I heart you Natty! I'm proud of YOU and your run!

  3. I also ran the half Saturday and loved the scenery! Also loved your playlist and shirt-- thanks for posting the link for where to get the shirt!

    1. That's great that you run! We possibly even saw eachother out there! You should get one of the shirts from Abundant Heart! I have 3 and love them!

  4. Congratulations on your PR!
    I ran the full on Saturday.

    1. Wow, the full! That's great & my hat's off to you!