Thursday, October 10, 2013

Baseball Baby Shower

Take me out to the ball park! Are you ready for an adorable baseball themed baby shower?

In late July, I had the honor of helping host a baby shower for my beautiful friend Emily & her first baby boy, David Carter.  Emily's sister should get the most credit for the cuteness in the shower theme though.  She planned all of the great decor and then a week before the shower, she had a big work conflict.  Knowing that Emily still deserved a great shower, I offered to help out now that her sister was unavailable.

So how do we throw a cute baseball themed baby shower?  First, her sister did a lot of online shopping and got some great deals, mostly from Oriental Trading.

It took about two hours to setup. I worked mostly with Emily's mom and 4 of her friends in the setup. They blew up balloons and helped set the tables with me.  I totally couldn't have done it without them!!!

I love the layers at the tables. From adorable mason jars with striped straws to colorful place settings.  We had 3 tables which we appropriatly named Base 1, Base 2, & Base 3. We then had balloons at a front tabled banned Home Plate!

At home base, I had guests put their presents down and then sign their name on baseball for the guest book!

To jump start some fun, I made little baseballs and had people write the new parents some advice or fun bucket list this to do. I named the 'Home Run Hit Tips'! Yes, I felt clever :)

Emily's sister planned and ordered all of the food from Sam's Club and it was ready to be picked up the morning of the shower.  I live 3 hours from where the shower was held, so Emily and her mom got the food and my awesome friend, Brittany, picked up the cake so I could focus on hauling around chairs, tables, & setting up decor.

Emily's sister also went all out and ordered a hot dog and popcorn machine, which were both super cute for the baseball theme!

For games, I did some online searches and asked a few friends and settled on the following.
Sensosketch (if you've ever played Crainium, you know what I'm talking about). I had each lady take a crayon and a blank piece of paper and draw anything baby themed with their eyes closed.  There were some really funny pictures!

Next, the ladies were each given a bundle of strings and scissors and had to cut their strings to the size they thought Emily's growing belly was.

After that, I had a juice box chugging contest.  I bought Honest juice, which is tasty and all natural!  Both a Emily and I are really healthy eaters and typically don't like anything processed or unnatural.  

The last game we did before presents was the baby story game.  I read a story loud, and whenever the words right or left were said, the guests pased a present around the circle in that direction.

Emily got some super cute gifts for David, and the shower was lovely!  The mommy-to-be seemed incredibly happy!  My gift was the one pictured below and featured a special necklace for Emily with David Carter's name and two baby feet!  You can get your own custom hand stamped one from me at my Etsy shop!

Emily, Thank you SO MUCH for letting me help host your lovely shower!!!
It was great to see these beautiful sorority sisters and to celebrate Emily, Chris & baby David as well!
Update since the shower, Emily had David Carter on September 5th and here's some sweet pictures of the little man!

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  1. Wow!! Such an awesome baby shower. Your baseball theme is simply great. Planning to have this same theme for my friend’s baby shower at San Francisco venues. Will use some of your ideas as they are very great. Really loved them.