Friday, October 18, 2013

My Jackson Hole Obsession

Most of my friends and family have heard it enough. I'm obsessed with Jackson Hole, WY.  Obsessed to the point where no other mountains compare.  Yea, I've never seen the Swiss Alps, the Andes, the Himalayas, but why would I need to when I'm such shorter flights away to Jackson Hole?
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Okay, honestly, I'd LOVE to find another mountain, but the Grand Tetons are my mountain.  My mind drifts to them, my heart yearns for the rugged peaks that seem to come from nowhere, and yes, my eyes fill with tears at the thought of being so far away sometimes.  I'm that obsessed.

So when I planned out my desires for my 25th year on this earth, see original post here, I knew without a doubt making a trip back to Jackson Hole had to be in the plan.  Last year, my family climbed the Grand Teton with me.  While scrambling up the mountain side, I kept seeing the most beautiful lake and knew I had to get there.  So I made it my goal in 2013 to hike Lake Solitude.

As the year progressed, I kept putting off my dream hike to Lake Solitude in Grand Teton National Park.  I would come up with excuse after excuse:  I'm too busy with work, I have to prepare for the craft shows, I don't want to go without Neal, I'm too busy still...etc. 

Finally, I had had it with work, and decided, it was time for a break.  So I called up my dad and we made arrangements to hike Lake Solitude!

My dreams kept turning into those of sunbathing and jumping into fresh glacial waters to cool myself off after a long hike.  I knew it was time!

Lake Solitude from the climb up the Grand Teton

The original plan was to arrive on Thursday, hike on Sunday, and go back home Monday.  We had a few boulders in our way though.  On Saturday, I went for a run, a typical 3 mile run, and tweaked my knee.  It hurt SO bad!  This was my Instagram check-in before I realized how in pain I really was!

Taken during my run that injured my knee :-/
Later that day, while in town looking at some beautiful local art work, I had to sit down 3-4 times during our walk around town.  My knee was killing me.  It wasn't until that evening my dear friend Marlee, who had come in from Montana to hang out and hike, helped me to make the decision that I would probably not make the 17 mile hike planned for Sunday.  Needless to say, I was devastated, but knew it was a smart call.

This unique wood carved feature is by Caprice Pierucci. These were beautiful and very dimensional
Though I wanted to bawl like a baby at the thought of not being able to do the hike I had originally come to Jackson Hole/the Tetons to do, I remained positive and made the most of the rest of my Saturday and Sunday in my favorite place on earth with some of my favorite people!
My knee brace and disappointment face after making the call not to hike on Sunday.

I'll continue the remainder of my adventures in three upcoming blog posts over the next Throwback Thursdays:

Snake River Float Trip
On Friday, I planned a boat trip for my dad, Kim (his girlfriend), my brother, Marlee & myself.  I'd only done the white water rafting on the Snake, but this one was a much calmer, more relaxing and quite beautiful float trip.  We ended it, of course with a lunch at my favorite, Dornans!

Grand View Point Trailhead & The Geysers of Yellowstone
On Sunday, we did a different, much shorter hike, that I might say is one of my favorite views of all time!  And we then went to Yellowstone, which is always awesome, but I think this trip was one of the best!

Dream Hike, Lake Solitude Grand Teton National Park
Due to flying standby, and not being able to get out of Jackson Hole, WY on Monday, we actually got to stay 2 extra days!  My knee was healed enough, and we got to do my dream hike!!!
We made it!  4 hours and 20 min.!

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