Thursday, October 31, 2013

Grand View Point Hike

On Sunday while in Jackson Hole, we had planned to hike Lake Solitude, but my knee was killing me from my run on Saturday, so we opted for a shorter hike up Grand View Point.
I am so incredibly glad we hiked Grand View Point.  The trail is one that seems rarely traveled, and it's seriously one of the most beautiful views of the Teton Range I've ever seen! 

Just a heads up on getting to the trail head, don't blink!  You may miss the turnoff for the trailhead.  As you are driving north, once you pass Jackson Lake Lodge, look for the next right which is an unmarked, unpaved road which leads to the trail head.  If you cross Pigeon Creek, you've gone too far, turn around and look again for the trail head!  You have to drive about 10-15 min to get to the trail head.  It's at the very end of the long, very bumpy, very unpaved road.

In this picture, we thought maybe we made it to the top and were bummed, then Marlee ran ahead and found the real view point!
You Rock Marleekin

The hike itself is steep without many switchbacks, which makes for a quick hike.  I highly recommend this short 2 mile-ish hike to Grand View Point, it's incredibly beautiful!  Truly one of the best views I think I've seen of the Tetons.


The Girls!  Myself, Marlee & Katie!

Later that day, we decided to make a trip to Yellowstone since both my brother, Greg, and Katie haven't been.  Stay tuned for 3pm CST today when I'll be posting on this fun trip!

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