Thursday, October 3, 2013

Etsy Artists of Indiana Show, Lively Happenings Designs

Over the past few weeks (okay honestly months), I've been keeping myself busy in preparation for the Etsy Artists of Indiana Show in Brown County, IN.  After my regular job and on the weekends when I'm not working at Busy Beedz, I've been designing, painting, and making some beautiful little creations in preparation for the show.

I loved my setup at the show, but it's definitely something I'm still working on and developing with each show!

On Friday, we finally started our 2.5 hour drive to Bloomington/Nashville, IN area and about 45 minutes into the drive, I realized I forgot my shutters!  WHHHHAAATTT!! I totally broke down as Neal calmly drove us home.  All the pressure I put on myself was released in a puddle of tears.  It was pretty pitiful!
Lots of my display pieces, but no shutters!

We got into town at 11:30pm Friday night and settled into our hotel room where we awoke at 5am the next morning.  It took us from about 7-10am to do our setup because we kept forgetting things, like wood screws and drill bits for the jewelry organizer holder.  Let's just say we were a bit of a mess!  But Neal, the champ that he is, just kept helping me laugh it off and continue on with the day!
He's my record keeper!

The two day event, Saturday and Sunday, was a lovely show.  Thank you to everyone that stopped by my booth!  I was able to show designs many customers didn't know where out there!  A lot of people are unfamiliar with druzy jewelry, and I always love seeing someone's face light up when they see one of my designs and learn about the stone.
Many of Lively Happenings Druzy Designs!
These are new geode earrings I used to describe what a druzy was.  If you take the sparkling inside out of the geode, that's a druzy!

One of my @LivelyHappening Instagram Collaborations

The new organizers were a big hit, and many people stopped to admire them!  The white and teal one sold on the first day!

Thank you again to all the customers that stopped by!
I'm so happy to have made new connections and even some friends!  I loved Brown County and hope to go back!  Below, bottom left, are some of my finds from the Rock Shop!

I hope to see ya'll at the next show in December at Castle High School in Newburgh, IN to support the Castle High School Band!

Stay tuned over the continuing weeks as I am planning on doing some Throwback Thursday's of this past summers adventures including, but not limited too:
  • Our 45+ mile Tunnel Hill Bike ride (I never thought Neal would forgive me!)
  • A beautiful Southern Wedding at an old plantation home turned war hospital, what!
  • Take Me Out to the Ballgame - A Baseball Themed Baby Shower!
  • Breaking in the Keezer - yes, that's for beer!
  • Exploring the MANY geysers at Yellowstone National Park surrounding Old Faithful
  • Completing my 25 year fitness goals and hiking Lake Solitude in Grand Teton National Park (my most favoritest place ever!)

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