Friday, September 14, 2012

Handmade Wedding Invites

I am very excited to share with you some fun DIY wedding invites!  My friend and I put together my mother's wedding invites.  She invited 75 guests and the entire invite, with envelope, stamp, and cute stringed hearts, cost us less than $160!

My friend is a very creative artist and I could not have done all of this without her support!  She hand drew portions of the invites while I decided on the wording, style, and intricate details that would put them all together. 

This was our final creation:
The font used was Tempus Sans

My mother & her fiance's wedding is in Disney's Epcot (SO cool, I know!) and we are calling it her 'pop-up' wedding.  There aren't going to be tons of guests, and as long as we don't make a 'scene', the park said they didn't care...I will let you know if we get in 'trouble' with Disney the day of ;)  I REALLY don't think I could handle getting kicked out of a Disney Park!

The twine from Divine Twine in Brown Sugar and the teal and coral cutout hearts (made on the Cricut) really pulled the invite together to make it extra sweet!

 Epcot is internationally themed, so we did our own take by making these invites the guests' 'Passports Around the World'.  What started off as a simple hot air balloon grew into an intimate image of the Bride and Groom floating whimsically around on their special day.

The guests also received a map of the day's festivities which was creatively drawn by my friend.  The wedding clock/map highlights the main festivities we will be enjoying the day of the wedding.

I got some really pretty envelopes from Paper Presentation (ordered online) and cute stamps.  At first we were going to go with airmail colors, but opted for the teal and coral instead, thus changing our twine choice

**For privacy sake, I have taken out personal information as well as changed the date of the event :)  so friends who are attending, do not be alarmed!

Make Your Own Invites Step-By-Step
  1. First, pick your envelope, that will help you determine the size of your invite
  2. Create the wording
  3. Pick a theme
  4. Pick a font
  5. Design your invite either with Microsoft Word or with a combination of your artistic abilities and Word
  6. Double, triple, quadruple check your invite details
  7. Save your finished design in a PDF file
  8. Find a local print shop (normally the smaller the mom and pop shop, the better the deals)
  9. Pick your paper at the print shop, ask for discontinued paper or discounted paper
  10. Have the printers print one copy for you to look over
  11. Finalize and have all remaining copies printed
  12. Add a cute detail like twine and hearts
  13. Mail!
Our Cost Breakdown
Product Amount Description
Paper Presentation  $        27.34 75 Envelopes from 
PayPal TwineTape  $         16.45 Brown sugar twine
Stamps  $        36.00 Stamps
Pen  $           2.99 Caligraphy Pen to address
Paper for Hearts  $          4.14 Coral & Team from Hobby Lobby
Invites  $         72.69 Invites Printed (ImageMatters in Knoxville)
TOTAL  $       159.61  

I hope you find yourself being creative in ways that might save you money by doing it yourself!
What's something you have created for your own, a friend's, or a family member's wedding?


  1. You did awesome!! I hope y'all have a blast!

    1. Thank you, Lynn! I look forward to seeing you in October for cousin Matt's wedding!

  2. One time, I helped my super sweet friend with chalkboard menus for her big day. :)