Monday, September 24, 2012

The Start of Something New

This week begins the start of new, more structured style at Lively Happenings.  I am going to being a routine of sorts on the blog by making 3 days out of the week more meaningful to you, my friends and readers.  During the 5 day work week, I am committing to you 3 posts:

  • Menu Monday
  • Workout Wednesday
  • Creativity Friday.

Menu Monday
As I have been doing in the past with Weekly Menu Wrap-Ups, I am going to post this week's menu plan for you.  I will occasionally update this post throughout the week with pictures or tips on cooking.  I will be posting recipes, tips, and links back to original posts for the meals I create.

Workout Wednesday
I love working out.  I have shared many of my favorites with you in the past and will continue to update you with any new routines or workouts.  I am going to give you tips on keeping your body safe while exercising as well as maintaining a healthy mind and soul.

Creativity Friday
The weekend will be here before you know it, and that means you have time to relax and try something new.  Creativity Friday will consist of crafts I am attempting, have completed, or have seen that intrigue me.  Although, crafts aren't the only topics on Creativity Friday, I will also be highlighting on topics that excite me about life by sharing with you my personal dreams & ambitions. 

What about the other days?
I did not forget about Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.  Those days are significant too and I will post other items such as significant events and ideas that are on my mind, but these are my 'free' days for which I don't yet plan to designate a specific topic.  As is my life, this blog is a constant work in progress.  It will never be perfect, but it will always be truthful and deliberate.

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