Friday, September 28, 2012

Etched Shot Glasses

Happy Crafty Friday!
I loved making my father his etched beer mug (found here) for Father’s Day so much, and I wanted to etch more.  I have made a dear friend of ours a beer mug, and I have now etched 36 shot glasses.  I sound like I have an alcohol problem, but don’t fear, none of these are for me to keep! 

My mother is soon to wed and I wanted to help throw her and her fiancé a party the night before the wedding.  The theme:  “Liquor and Lace”.  A Liquor and Lace party may sound ‘skeezy’, but I promise you I am making this one fun and still classy!  To correlate with the theme of Liquor, I crafted each guest a 2oz. shot glass with the word ‘Love’ and a heart etched into it.
This process was simple. 
Pick out the Cricut pattern I wanted to use, cut that in vinyl, and place that over the shot glass.  (I first did this on scrap paper to get my sizes appropriate).
Once the vinyl is placed in the right position, slather on the etching cream (found at hobby stores).
I waited 2 minutes and then brushed off the excess etching cream.
Rinse.  Note:  Next time I will be doing this with my outside garden hose, not my sink, as I do not know what etching cream can do to the pipes.
Let Dry, and Enjoy!
Have a great weekend and let me know if you try etching something yourself!


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