Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hammer & Chisel Results

At the beginning of January, I asked my husband to join me in completing a fitness program together, Hammer & Chisel.  It was the first one in just over 5 years that I've actually done at home with him.  When we were engaged, we did P90X, I think I made it until the 2nd to last week, and he finished...I know I know, I had 2 weeks left, I could have finished, but the past is in the past.

Before we began, I knew I wanted to gain more muscle tone. I did not want to lose weight.

Weeks 1-5 were AWESOME!  I meal prepped like nobody's business, and stayed very focused with the workouts.

Weeks 6-8 were a little harder.  That always seems to be the case for me. I got 'busy' and stopped meal prepping, and my stomach was showing for it, so I had to do a mini pause and do a 3 Day Refresh to help get my nutrition back on track.  That sorta helped, but I still couldn't quite pick up motivation like I had the first 5 weeks.

While I KNOW I could have done better about food, especially in the last week (hello pizza, burgers, and a few beers), but I am still SO proud of my results.  I wanted to gain muscle tone in my arms, and I truly did.  My biceps, shoulders, and lats all grew :) And I went up with heavier weights a LOT more than I thought I would have.

Over all, I ended up:

  • + 2 inches in my shoulders
  • + 0.75 inches in my chest
  • + 0.5 inches in my left bicep
  • + 0.5 inches in my right bicep
  • + 0.25 inches in my waist - hehe I think that's some pizza, beer, and burgers ;)
  • + 0.75 inches in my booty!!!
  • - 0.25 inches right around my belly button
  • My calves stayed the same
  • My thighs stayed the same
  • I gained almost 2 lbs, I hope that's muscle, but it could totally be pizza, beer, and burgers that I couldn't resist in the last week.  Yep even though I'm helping other people with their own health and fitness, I still have hiccups of my own :)

And here's my hubby's results (photo's only) I can't find his measurements - wah wah...but I am so proud of him for doing most of this program with me too!

Here's a pinterest board where I pinned some of the places where I got my meal prep ideas:  CLICK HERE :) 
Here's some of my favorite meal preps with links back to the original Instagram post :)

Zucchini Noodles, Shrimp & Quinoa

Meal Prep

Example Day of  Meals
...and again, towards the end of this, there was pizza, burgers and beer....so I didn't go 100% with the full program, but I am so glad I did the program, I totally loved the variety of the workouts, and that I could do them at home and at the gym.

The workouts included a lot of strength training with lighter or heavier weights.  There are cardio days, with and without weights.

I will certainly do many of these workouts again! I loved doing them especially with my husband, and we could bring the sheets to the gym, which was really helpful too!

What's the last workout you did with someone you loved?