Sunday, October 23, 2016

Baby Bratton #2 Bring on 19 Weeks Pregnant!!!

This has been a harder week for me, only because I have drained myself by staying up too late last Monday and Tuesday, which took a toll on my body, causing me to lose my voice, not rest well, have headaches, and now I have a cough.  One poor decision lead to a compound effect of less desired health.  Baby seems fine, I still feel a little movement, but am looking forward to renewed health. I've doubled up on my Shakeology shakes a few days and am having more fresh veggies mixed into them just to help with my health & baby.  

We do get to SEE baby in 10 days via the anatomy scan ultrasound!  We are very excited about that!!!

How far along: hitting the start of 19 weeks!

Gender: We will find out in early November!!! 10 days!

Weight gain: 5 ish...I really don't know I haven't weighed myself since last week. So it's probably more like 6-8 but ehh whatever, healthy baby is what matters.

Working Out:  Finishing up P90X3, I'll be done with it by Halloween Day! HOORAY!!!  I didn't do as well this week with those workouts and subbed a BUNCH of them for other choices that just sounded good. I lost my voice for 2.5 days and then have been coughing for 2 after that, so I'm taking it easier and doubling up on my Shakes. 

Clothing Choices:  Maternity bottoms, any shirt really, but some of those are certainly getting harder to wear. 

Stretch marks: No new ones, just my soccer ones on those strong thighs ;)

Belly button: I'll call it an outty

Sleep: I didn't sleep as well this past week, but it had nothing to do with pregnancy. It was just me working in the evenings - which is what caused me to be tired, lose my voice, and now have a cough...oh the compound effect of 1 poor choice on my body :-/ Baby is still good as far as we know <3

Best moment these weeks:  It's hard to say. Maybe someone that I haven't told I was pregnant, a friend from my husband's work, noticing that I was and saying congrats. First random person to notice/compliment. 

Hardest moment this week: Losing my voice, some of my energy, and then coughing...that's never fun pregnant or not.  

What I’m missing:  My voice ;)

Movement: Feeling at least 1 movement a day.

Cravings: They have actually subsided, I think. No hot fudge cravings this week!

Queasy or sick: Nope!

Looking forward to: 10 days from today seeing the little one on our ultrasound <3

 These past two week's workouts have included:

  • Monday - P90X3 Decelerator
  • Tuesday - Turbo Jam 20 Minute Jam
  • Wednesday - off!
  • Thursday - BOD 20's Strength Workout w/ Joe
  • Friday - P90X3 Pilates X
  • Saturday -BOD 20's Barre Workout with Erika (LOVED IT!)
  • Sunday - off!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Core De Force - Try it BEFORE You Buy It!

Super Trainers Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthews and their Core De Force.

About a year ago Super Trainers Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthews joined the team of Super Trainers at Beachbody and we knew that something awesome was coming. They have an extensive background in the fitness industry, they have really done everything from group fitness classes, to yoga and dance, to strength training. They are really motivational and have a passion for helping people become their best selves. The wait was killing us though. At this year’s Coach Summit we heard the BIG news! They are launching their brand new program Core De Force on November 1st!!

Just what is Core De Force?

Core De Force is a true Mixed Martial Arts program. It is not choreographed to music, it is straight up fight inspired, fat burning, cardio building, awesomeness. Each workout is broken in to 3 minute rounds, just like a boxing match. During each 3 minute round you will be boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, body weight training, and cardio spikes that will SHRED you and get you on your way to building the body you want. While punching and kicking you will not only be burning massive amounts of calories but each move is rotational which develops your core and shreds the midsection. Since each round is only 3 minutes all you have to do is FIGHT your way through each round and before you know it, you’re done and shredded.

Is Core De Force Advanced?

Core De Force is for anyone, from beginner to advanced. Beachbody has put a modifier in each workout and there are move breakdowns to help you master all of the moves from the jump. 
This program is going to be a great way to get through the Holiday Season getting results with your health and fitness and feeling amazing. One of the benefits of MMA style training is the feeling of empowerment you get as you get more proficient with it. These are not dance, cardio-kickboxing moves. They are the real deal. You will be punching, kicking, throwing knees and combinations and really fighting! 
The holidays are usually stressful but with this program you will not only be getting results but you will be be feeling energized and motivated to get the most out of November, December, and the New Year.

What is included with Core De Force?

What is not included with Core De Force? You get 4 MMA-style workouts, 2 body weight workouts, 2 core workouts, 1 active recovery workout, 1 quick before-bed stretch routine, a quick-start guide, a 30-day calendar, an eating plan, Shakeology and ME as your FREE Coach. We will be running a Test Group for this starting November 7th.

Be among the FIRST to try out CORE DE FORCE!!

There is an exclusive sneak peek of Core De Force on Monday October 24th exclusively for Beachbody OnDemand Users. Cardio, MMA-style, conditioning at its best. I am so excited for this one to come out and I really want you to do it with me. If you are already a Beachbody On Demand User then be sure to check out the Sneak Peek workout on October 24th.
If you do not have a Beachbody On Demand Membership and you are like me and you hate waiting then get a jump-start on your fitness journey in my next Challenge Group by ordering your Club & Shakeology Challenge Pack here.
With the Club and Shakeology Challenge Pack you get:
  • Me as your FREE COACH!
  • FIXATE Portion Control Containers
  • FIXATE Meal Plan
  • Access to my next Challenge Group through the Challenge Tracker App 
  • Access to endless programs and workouts through Beachbody on Demand 
  • Monthly supply of Shakeology Superfood shake. (I recommend the Vegan Chocolate, SO GOOD!) 
  • Access to my online Wellness Community

I am excited to dig into November with you and to hear what you thought of the sneak peek on BOD Monday the 24th!! To ensure you do not miss out on the Core De Force Sneak Peek sign up for one of the options above!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Baby Bratton #2 Weeks 17/18

How far along: 17-18 weeks

Gender: We will find out soon enough, just over 2 weeks!  I'm still kinda thinking Boy.

Weight gain: 5 pounds

Working Out:  Finishing up P90X3, I'll be done with it by Halloween Day! HOORAY!!!  Now what's next to keep me active....

Clothing Choices:  Maternity bottoms, any shirt still though :)

Stretch marks: No new ones, just my soccer ones on those strong thighs ;)

Belly button: I'll call it an out

Sleep: More wild pregnancy dreams including a super hot make-out session one - oh boy ;)

Best moment these weeks:  Probably just sorta feeling more energy, I go back and forth on that though it seems - some days are great, others I wish I could sleep all day.

Hardest moment this week: I haven't felt as much movement as frequently as I'd like, but I still feel something small every day, so that's reassuring. 

What I’m missing:  Feeling like I have core strength. I am doing some moves I've learned from pregnancy workouts and pregnancy blogs to keep up the core, but it just still doesn't seem quite as strong. 

Movement: Feeling a tiny bit here and there :)

Cravings: I think it's just sweets - like donuts, fudge (hot - no need for ice cream just give me the hot fudge...with french fries...) pretty much all the bad stuff. I give in probably 2-4 times a week, but not daily, I have a really good (and healthy!) chocolate Reese's shake on those days!

Queasy or sick: Nope!

Looking forward to: Continued health and this second trimester boost of energy!...come on energy boost...where are you!?

 These past two week's workouts have included:

  • Monday - P90X3 Decelerator
  • Tuesday - P90X3 MMX
  • Wednesday - P90X3 Eccentric Upper
  • Thursday - P90X3 Triometrics
  • Friday - P90X3 Pilates
  • Saturday - off!
  • Sunday - P90X3 Eccentric Lower

  • Monday - 10 Minute Trainer Cardio and Full Body
  • Tuesday - P90X3 Agility X
  • Wednesday - P90X3 Complex Upper
  • Thursday - Prenatal Yoga
  • Friday - P90X3 Triometrix
  • Saturday - Yes Mamm 5K in Lexington!! <3
  • Sunday - off!

I wrote up a good post on this one CLICK HERE

Favorite Preggers Shirt - Brewing a Baby Not a Lager!

Yes Mamm 5k!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

15/16 Weeks Pregnant Baby #2!

How far along: 15-16 weeks

Gender: I had a dream about a little boy, we'll see!

Weight gain: the doctor's office said 1 pound last week. I started at 118.9, lost 3 pounds, and promptly gained it back in the first trimester and honestly pending on what time of day I weight myself I am 119lbs or 123 lbs. I'm not going to worry at this point as long as baby keeps growing :)

Working Out:  I got back to it and am finishing up P90X3 - I cannot help it, you get a t-shirt when you complete a program, and I'm a sucker for free shirts!

Clothing Choices:  I am enjoying maternity bottoms, baby is popping out :)

Stretch marks: No new ones, just my soccer ones on those strong thighs ;)

Belly button: Semi-outy already

Sleep: Oh the wild pregnancy dreams have begun!

Best moment this week:  Hearing the heartbeat at our appointment & feeling LOTS of movement as of late!

Hardest moment this week: I got a little stressed out earlier in the week and had been letting it take over, but I got past that with the help of personal development (filling my mind with goodness) and my hubby!

What I’m missing:  Not much, maybe a little bit of being able to wear my non pregnancy clothes as comfortable - the bottoms at least.

Movement: Pretty positive I've felt movement a few times now 

Cravings: I still crave hot fudge!  And I want sushi all the time lol

Queasy or sick: Nope!

Looking forward to: Continued health and this second trimester boost of energy!

 These past two week's workouts have included:

  • Monday - P90X3 Isometrix
  • Tuesday - P90X3 Dynamix
  • Wednesday - P90X3 Accelerator
  • Thursday - Prenatal Pilates
  • Friday - P90X3 CVX
  • Saturday - off!
  • Sunday - off!

  • Monday - P90X3 Decelorator
  • Tuesday - P90X3 Agility X
  • Wednesday - P90X3 Complex Upper
  • Thursday - P90X3 X3 Yoga
  • Friday - P90X3 Triometrix
  • Saturday - P90X3 Complex Lower
  • Sunday - off!