Sunday, October 16, 2016

Baby Bratton #2 Weeks 17/18

How far along: 17-18 weeks

Gender: We will find out soon enough, just over 2 weeks!  I'm still kinda thinking Boy.

Weight gain: 5 pounds

Working Out:  Finishing up P90X3, I'll be done with it by Halloween Day! HOORAY!!!  Now what's next to keep me active....

Clothing Choices:  Maternity bottoms, any shirt still though :)

Stretch marks: No new ones, just my soccer ones on those strong thighs ;)

Belly button: I'll call it an out

Sleep: More wild pregnancy dreams including a super hot make-out session one - oh boy ;)

Best moment these weeks:  Probably just sorta feeling more energy, I go back and forth on that though it seems - some days are great, others I wish I could sleep all day.

Hardest moment this week: I haven't felt as much movement as frequently as I'd like, but I still feel something small every day, so that's reassuring. 

What I’m missing:  Feeling like I have core strength. I am doing some moves I've learned from pregnancy workouts and pregnancy blogs to keep up the core, but it just still doesn't seem quite as strong. 

Movement: Feeling a tiny bit here and there :)

Cravings: I think it's just sweets - like donuts, fudge (hot - no need for ice cream just give me the hot fudge...with french fries...) pretty much all the bad stuff. I give in probably 2-4 times a week, but not daily, I have a really good (and healthy!) chocolate Reese's shake on those days!

Queasy or sick: Nope!

Looking forward to: Continued health and this second trimester boost of energy!...come on energy boost...where are you!?

 These past two week's workouts have included:

  • Monday - P90X3 Decelerator
  • Tuesday - P90X3 MMX
  • Wednesday - P90X3 Eccentric Upper
  • Thursday - P90X3 Triometrics
  • Friday - P90X3 Pilates
  • Saturday - off!
  • Sunday - P90X3 Eccentric Lower

  • Monday - 10 Minute Trainer Cardio and Full Body
  • Tuesday - P90X3 Agility X
  • Wednesday - P90X3 Complex Upper
  • Thursday - Prenatal Yoga
  • Friday - P90X3 Triometrix
  • Saturday - Yes Mamm 5K in Lexington!! <3
  • Sunday - off!

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Yes Mamm 5k!

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