Tuesday, July 29, 2014

35 Weeks Pregnant

Tomorrow actually marks the start of week 36! I can't believe it, we could meet you in as little as 2 weeks or as long as a month and a half for us to have gone 'full term'!  From what I've read, full term is either 37 or 38 weeks, so we'll go with 38 until I actually ask my doctor.  Plus, I don't think she's turned yet, so that makes me think she'll be hanging in here until due date (just keeping my fingers crossed she doesn't come later).

I know it's silly to put the pressure on myself, but I just want to have her in August because my mom is flying in the first week of September and staying for a week to help us, so I'd hate for her to just be here and Braelyn to still be waiting for arrival.

Beyond that pressure, when I walk, I feel full on the pressure of Braelyn!  This morning I could barely make it home to finish the walk and thought I might pee on myself in the middle of my neighborhood!   Ha! Now wouldn't that be a sight!

More pressure from work seems to be here, but I think I'm doing a little better about just blowing it off and being more like "whatever" now.  I mean it really is annoying for my boss to think she's joking each week when she says something about pushing back my due date, but today was the first day it didn't make me want to just punch the computer when she said it.  Today, I was kinda like...well that's still a little rude, but whatever, I know she's trying to joke with me and she's just worried about people not being trained, but that's part of life.  It's really hard to work remote and train people.  I can't just sit there and watch them to make sure they are doing the task, when in fact they are busy and put off the tasks I just trained on (or still can't do them because they don't have proper access...sigh), so the knowledge isn't maintained.  But I've done what I can, we are all facing difficult circumstances and we are all doing the best we can, and that's good enough. :)

By the way, again I must state, I've never seen a coconut that I actually think is the size of this child..."The Bump" sure does have some funny fruit/veggie comparisons.  I looked for a coconut in the store, the only one I found was about 5 inches at it's largest length...no where near the 18 ish inches for the size of the fetus at this time!

How far along: 35
Gender: A girl
Weight gained: 24.8 lbs
Inches gained: About 10.5
Working Out:  Not too bad, my workouts aren’t all the ‘intense’, but it’s enough to keep me active.
Clothing Choices:  Wearing Nike shorts and the 4 workout tops that still fit, then when I leave the house, I throw together an outfit as best I can…stretchy tanks with a jacket and my 1 pair of maternity shorts that fit, or my maternity jeans, or one of my maxi dresses.
Belly button: Outty!
Sleep: Ehh, it’s been better. It’s harder for me to stay asleep.
Best moment this week: Partaking in my sister-in-law’s wedding was pretty fun! She was a very very laid back bride, so that made it very pleasant.  It was nice to get dressed up since I don’t do that hardly ever now!
Hardest moment this week: Though it was really an enjoyable weekend, it was hard to do all of the wedding activities because I felt very exhausted and much like a zombie. When we returned home on Sunday, I was so tired, we got about 10 hours of sleep and I was still a cranky Pregosaurs Rex on Monday!
What I’m missing: Sleeping on my stomach sounds kinda nice!  I find myself waking up on my back, instead of my side, and it takes a lot of effort to make me want to roll to the side because I’m tired of my shoulder hurting or falling asleep if I don’t have my pillows just right.
Movement: I can still feel her moving around.  I think I can tell where her head or butt is most of the time because I have a round lump protruding out of me!
Cravings:  Dairy. I’m liking milk but would love to eat ice cream instead!  I’ve also wanted Greek yogurt a lot.
Queasy or sick: Feeling good, only really having back pain.
Looking forward to: Braelyn being here and taking some time off of work.

Strange Dreams: Dreams are just so VIVID.  They’re very detailed from what colors I should be seeing to precise articles people are wearing or holding.  It can be a little intense and sometimes seem VERY realistic.  I actually thought my dreams on Friday night were real and thought I had literally forgot to put up the toilet seat before going to the bathroom, so when I woke up, I double checked the bathroom because I said OH MY GOSH, I HAVE TO CLEAN THIS NOW!!!!

Week 35 Workouts
  • Thursday - Knocked Up Fitness Total Body Pilates x 2
  • Friday - 10 minute Prenatal Pilates Standing Routine (can find it on you tube!)
  • Monday - Prenatal Yoga, also on You Tube
  • Tuesday - 1.5 mile walk with the pups.  Each one got to go .75 miles.  They had a big weekend at Doggy Daycare so I didn't take them yesterday since all they did was slept!  Too cute :) That's all I wanted to do too...sleep!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

34 Weeks Pregnant!

We are getting so close little one!  Today starts week 35, so let's have a look back at week 34!

How far along: 34
Gender: Pretty sure you’re still a girl ;-)
Weight gained: 23.6 lbs
Inches gained: About 10.5
Working Out:  I did a lot better this week and remained active almost every day :)
Clothing Choices:  I wore a lot of workout clothes again this week.  I find myself trying to make my old clothes work, like wearing a button up shirt that doesn't button and has a stretchy tank underneath...I'm def very pregnant, but trying to make clothes work!
Belly button: Outty!
Sleep: It's not so bad, but she's very active at times.  I can feel her hiccuping a lot at night, and that's keeping me up.
Best moment this week: Finishing her nursery felt SO good!  We have everything except the glider and a cover for her changing pad setup.  It's my favorite room in the house, for sure!  I can't wait to reveal to you!
Hardest moment this week: One day, I had a mini hormonal breakdown to Neal and I felt terrible after. I got onto him after I bought groceries and he was playing on the computer and I had wanted him to start baked potatoes...really it was silly for me to have been so upset. I know I can be nicer and will be :)
What I’m missing: My sense of taste!  It's so strange, foods seem so much duller to me now. Neal's family had something that was lemony while we were on vacation, and they all said it was really really bitter, but I didn't even taste the lemon!  We made a dinner tonight, and I said, hmm we should have added more seasonings, and Neal said umm it's really spicy!  And I hardly do spicy! 
Movement: She still moves quite a bit, and her movements are keeping me up at night sometimes.
Cravings:  Milk. Milk and More Milk!
Queasy or sick: Feeling good, only really having back pain occasionally still.  But the pain seems less when I workout, so that's kinda nice!
Looking forward to: Having her her!  It's only about a month and a half or so until we get to have her here!!! I'm going to use fulfillment coupons on Amazon and Target to get a few more items for cloth diapering, mattress covers (gotta keep that thing in top shape in case of leaks!) and probably a cinching/shaper for me post pregnancy!  Can't wait!
Strange Dreams: I had one last night that was wonky Dr. Seuss themed.  I had seen a Dr. Seuss book on a shelf, didn't even read it, but the imagery and colors were all Dr. Seuss-ish!

Week 34 Workouts
  • Wednesday – 1.75 mile dog walk
  • Thursday – A 1 mile dog walk
  • Friday - Knocked Up Fitness Core Warmup, Pilates Arms and Total Body Pilates followed by a 1.5 mile puppy walk!
  • Sunday - Knocked Up Fitness Pilates Yoga...so great!!!
  • Monday - Knocked Up Fitness Prenatal Fitcamp, Pilates Arms and Pilates Legs
  • Tuesday - A morning dog walk of 1 mile.  After work, I went to the gym with the hubby and walked another 1.25 miles and did some kettelbells, squats, lunges, and sorta like the Tone it Up Bikini Arms routine...I basically did all the moves I could remember 15 reps and two times through! I felt great, but exhausted

Friday, July 18, 2014

Freezer Meals For New Parents

This past weekend my family and I made a TON of freezer meals in preparation for Braelyn's arrival in the next 6-ish weeks or so (eek!).

I know a lot of my fellow #TIUpregnancy girls would love to know what we've made, so I've put it together for you in two word documents!  The first is the actual list of freezer meals and the ingredients/instructions.   The second file is a one page shopping list.  My shopping list was broken down by section of the store I find these ingredients in, thus I bundled them together to make shopping easier.  I spent about $400 total on all the food and packaging needs.

Please take note, there are not all TIU approved dinners.  Rather they are husband and wife approved!  My purpose of making these meals in advance was to give us some healthy meals (rather than running to Taco Bell or Sonic nightly out of exhaustion) as well as a few comfort foods to remind us of home.  We don't live near family, nor do we have a ton of friends around us to help out once our little one is here.  (BTW we totally miss everyone that's decided to move over the last year-ish...yea, we'll make new friends, but we miss you!)

With our freezer meals, I was able to make 16 different full meals.  Each meal has at least 4 servings with some even up to 24 servings (12 meals for each Neal and myself of our favorite...chicken enchiladas!)  We did a lot of "dinner" meals that will have leftovers for the next day's lunch.

We also made a few breakfast sandwiches, quiches, and breakfast meats in advance as we a HUGE breakfast eaters.  I know some people think it's strange, but I literally cook eggs and bacon or turkey sausage nearly every week day before work. I have always been big on breakfast!  If I'm not making that, we have steel cut oats with fruit or on occasion in a pinch, cereal.

Attached you will find my list of meals:  Freezer Meals by Lively Happenings

Attached here you will find a one page summary of the grocery list:  Freezer Meals by LH Grocery List

At the bottom of your first document (yes I know it's long, but that's 16 meals + some additional info!) you will find my notes/suggestions.  I recommend reading that section, even if you aren't interested in all of the meals. (also note, I'm not all about fixing my spelling mistakes everywhere...apologize, lazy mom to be on the little details!)

In the list of freezer meals, you will find the following delicious recipes for full meals, chicken broth, and the last 3 are items I freeze to add to meals!
  1. Chicken Enchiladas
  2. Chicken Quesadillas
  3. Stuffed Shells
  4. Quiche
  5. Chicken Spectacular
  6. Chicken & Broccoli
  7. White Lasagna Chicken/Spinach
  8. Shrimp Pasta
  9. Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches (pinterest) (mama and baby love)
  10. 16 Bean Soup
  11. Chicken Broth
  12. Cranberry Russian Chicken
  13. Italian Beef for Crockpot
  14. Beef Stew
  15. Cranberry Pork Roast
  16. White Chicken Chilli
  17. Healthy Mama BBQ Chicken
  18. Freeze Turkey Sausage Patties
  19. Strawberry Slices for Oats
  20. Cook and Freeze Bacon

 As a new breastfeeding mom, you may want to take into consideration what you are eating as that relates what your baby is getting from you.  A friend sent me this image for a non-colic diet for baby.  You can sub out ingedients in my meals to make your diet fit this more.
Original Post Found Here

Also, another friend has recommended the following to help breast milk supply
  • Mother's Tea, found here in bulk on Amazon
  • A serving a beer - yes even my doctor said this helps increase milk production. That doesn't mean drink a six pack, it means one beer...
  • Oatmeal (hello delicious steel cut oats in the morning and maybe even an oatmeal cookie at lunch!)
Look for my future post were I'll give you some of my favorite "Energy Bites" recipes along with other snacks I plan to have on hand for post delivery at the hospital as well as scattered throughout the house to keep handy when I'm feeding the little one and can't quite move around a ton or make a meal.

I hope this post is helpful to you!  If you have other suggestions of great freezer meals or prep for baby, share below!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

33 Weeks Pregnant

Week 33 is almost a blur.  My dad and his girlfriend Kim came to town and helped us SO much Thursday - Tuesday.  We did TONS of miscellaneous house tasks from cleaning weeds and mulching, fixing creaking doors, making freezer meals to hanging a mobile in Braelyn's room.

Work was incredibly stressful for me.  I think I called Emily, my friend/old co-worker, every day except today in tears.

Braelyn's been pretty awesome though.  She's moving still, which is comforting, but I still don't think she's head down.  She has time though! I want her to brew and grow stronger for a few more weeks so we can have as healthy of a little girl as possible!  I am truly looking forward to holding her and giving her so much love!!!

Let me just start by saying I have no idea what a durian is, I didn't really look up the fruit much...but seriously "The Bump" couldn't have found something more realistic to what you might commonly find in your grocery store?

How far along: 33
Gender: Pretty sure you’re still a girl ;-)
Weight gained: 22.8 lbs
Inches gained: About 10.5
Working Out:  Not so great this week…more like active days, but not actual workouts set aside.
Clothing Choices:  I wore a lot of workout clothes this week!  I stayed in my looser fitting tanks and nike shorts most of the week.  Occasionally, I put on a skirt with a tank or a maternity dress.
Belly button: Outty!
Sleep: Pretty decent, I’m just used to waking up for the bathroom and being awake at some point during the night for 30+ minutes because I can’t fall back asleep.
Best moment this week: My dad and his girlfriend coming to visit.  Though there visit was fast and furious, it was a much needed visit!  They were SO helpful!  We had a massive list of random household to do’s and they nearly completed all of them + some!  It was exhausting, but so worth it!  We even made over 30 days’ worth of freezer meals (breakfast, lunches, and dinners!)
Hardest moment this week: There were a few.  Work really was super stressful. I started training Wednesday (the start of week 33) and that day went great, but then on Thursday, I woke up to find my computer crashed and wouldn’t turn on!  I had to drive to Nashville (3 hours away) to get a loaner computer and turn mine in to get re-imaged! I couldn’t tell if my new boss was mad at me or not (one of the downsides of working remote) so I felt like all day she hated me and was pissed I wasn’t training people (possibly not the case, but by comments, it seemed she was peeved…not like I broke my computer, it was a companywide incident where anyone w/ the same Windows system was affected). Then, Friday was a failure for training because I was so frazzled and still trying to get access on my loaner computer.  Monday was another failure, and I just cancelled training all together.  By Tuesday though, I didn’t cry during work, so today’s looking much better!  I’m just fearful I will be so stressed that I’ll go into pre-term labor.
What I’m missing: Being able to sit or stand comfortably.  I feel like either way, if I do one for just slightly too long, my back is killing me!  It’s still mostly my upper back, but we’ve found ways to foam roll it out or even pop it back when it’s too painful.
Movement: She still moves quite a bit.  I can feel her for sure if I have coffee (half-caf) so I am thinking of only having decaf.
Cravings:  Milk.  I want milk again all the time.
Queasy or sick: Feeling good, only really having back pain.
Looking forward to: Finishing up her nursery!  I have 2 crib sheets to make and am waiting on one wall decoration and the glider to get here!  I have to hang things on the wall, but it’s coming along!

Strange Dreams: I know I’ve had some odd ones, as well as some romantic ones about Neal…but I can’t remember details!  My brain quickly fills with work tasks once I wake up.

Week 33 Workouts
  • Wednesday – Knocked up Fitness Prenatal Pilates Yoga and a .75 mile walk.  I was going to go further, but the urge to pee and a side cramp made me make a v-line for home!
  • Thursday – Monday – I didn’t set aside time to workout, but I more had active days. I would walk with my Dad and Kim and the dogs (they all came here on Thursday…yes the day I got to drive back and forth to Nashville and home…) and ALL weekend we prepped freezer meals and did TONS of misc. house chores.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

32 Weeks Pregnant

Today starts week 33 of pregnancy!  It's so strange to think that in one month, we are considered 'full-term' and that many women have their babies at 38 weeks, which for me is 5 weeks from now - Woah!  

This coming week, I plan to look for breastfeeding classes to go to at the hospital, possibly doing some AquaNatal (water aerobics for pregnant women) or getting a prenatal massage to help alleviate stress and back pain.  We'll see if I do either two of the latter, I'm just trying not to go crazy with work stress.  Since coming back to work, I've needed yoga twice just to relax myself a bit. 

Now let's take a look back of week 32 of pregnancy :)

How far along: 32

Gender: Girl!

Weight gained: 22.8 lbs

Inches gained: About 10

Working Out:  It was vacation week, so my ‘workouts’ mostly were walking/hiking.

Clothing Choices:  I feel like things really aren’t fitting all that awesome anymore.  Since I was on vacation, I had an even more limited clothing selection. I basically just wore yoga pants or my nike shorts all week while we were traveling across Montana/Glacier National Park. Occasionally, in the evenings, I’d change into some pregnancy jeans or a maternity dress.

Belly button: Outty!

Sleep: It wasn’t too bad. On the day we hiked, I slept AMAZING!  That cardio does help out J

Best moment this week: Maternity photo shoot!  I really loved working with Scott Wilson and his family!  They were so great together and of course the photo shoot was about us and our family, so it helped me focus back in on the beauty and fun aspects of pregnancy.  Also, just being on vacation was really nice. Of course, I still stressed about things with work, but I was able to completely let go of Lively Happenings on Etsy for a week, and even though I LOVE making jewelry/custom picks or collar stays for men, it was really nice to have a break from orders.

Hardest moment this week: The first three days of vacation were rough (that was week 31) due to rain and cold.  So sorta forgiving myself and focusing back on the fact that I was on vacation, even if the weather sucked was hard.  I felt like such a B word for being frustrated with the weather. 

Then when we returned home, getting back to work only to find that my coworkers that I’m supposed to start training today were not given the access they need is a massive stressor.  Giving birth is becoming closer and closer.  I am full term in a month (37 weeks). I am freaking out that I have been asked to train new people, and when I give instructions on whom to contact/how to give these people the access they need, and it’s not done, that’s stressful. 

What I’m missing: Being comfortable. My upper back can really start to hurt as the day progresses.  I seriously just want to cry sometimes.  Knocked up Fitness Pilates/Yoga seems to help as does heat and using a foam roller to roll out my back.

Movement: Her movements are becoming slower and harder as she tries to find room in there.

Cravings:  Cereal. My “I’m stressed out and need food” craving.

Queasy or sick: Feeling good.

Looking forward to: Having work training over. I feel like that will be a relief.

Strange Dreams:  Scary scary dream about a bus driver stalking a child at a school and then the principal (whom was in the form of my current my boss…) drugging that child in front of everyone because the child wouldn’t cooperate and then handing the kid over to the bus driver.  The prequel to this was a bloody sidewalk with a little boy crying for his lost sister…that sister was the child being stalked.  Umm super creepy, had the dream this morning, woke up in a sweat, and I haven’t gone to bed since.  

Week 32 Workouts
  • Wednesday – 2 mile walk in the morning solo around the area of town we were staying it Whitefish
  • Thursday – 4.5 mile hike to Avalance Lake in Glacier National Park.  It was very beautiful!
  • Tuesday – Knocked up Fitness Prenatal Pilates Yoga
    • I didn't workout over the weekend because we traveled a ton...Friday was 4.5 hour drive (that kills your back while pregnant), Saturday was flying...if you consider a quick walk through the airport a workout, then I'd say I went at least a mile!  And Sunday was more driving to get back home and then unpacking.  Monday, after work, I spend doing laundry.  So I wasn't inactive, just didn't do a real workout.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Baby Room Inspiration, Mountain & Woodland Theme

Well before we ever found out the gender of our sweet little one, I started imagining the nursery.  My heart and mind kept being drawn back to the same place. It didn't take long for me to start putting the pieces together and imagine the perfect room for our baby.

The mountains were calling out to me, and I knew the nursery, whether boy or girl, would be mountain inspired and woodland themed!

For years, I've been wanting a moose head in my house after seeing a contestant use one on HGTV's Design Star, and this was perfect!  No not a real moose head, a cute fake one!
Moose Head, Design Star Contestant Rachel Kate (source)

The search began with me originally wanting this crib because it was oh so perfect, but alas I could never find this type of chunky rustic crib.
Then I realized how stupidly expensive cribs were, and was overjoyed when I came across this post on a "Neutral and Calming Nursery" and all the items were perfectly affordable and from Ikea!

My father and some close friends got us this dresser and this crib in the grey brown color.

If we were having a boy, the plan was to go with the grey-brown color, whites and reds.
If we were having a girl, the plan was to go with he grey-brown color, white, black and gold.

When we found out our little one was a girl, it was game on!  I quickly put together these inspiration boards and fell in love!

And then I purchased these fabrics to make crib sheets and a crib skirt.
  • Menagerie in Timberwolf by Sarah Watson found here
  • Trotting Foxes by Olive and Andrew found here 
  • Light Grey Arrows by Holli Zollinger found here

Olive and Andrew used to have a shop on Etsy, that's where I first found their fabric made into crib sheets, but then their shop closed, so that's why I knew I had to just make these crib sheets because I was that obsessed.

Practically all of these items in the above photo inspiration boards are available on Etsy.  Here's the links to get many of them yourself!

  • Crib sheet with animal faces found here
  • Moose Head in Gold Found here
  • The Mountains are Calling and I Must Go plaque found here
  • Metallic Gold and White fabric color combos for crib sheets found here
  • Oh Baby It's A Wild Word pillow cover found here
  • Gold and White fabric combos for crib sheets found on Etsy, no longer can I find this listing
  • Heart Pillow found here
  • Gold Antlers to hang items from found here
  • Let Her Sleep For When She Wakes She will Move Mountains print found here 
  • White and Gold Polka Dot Blanket found here
  • Gold Wolf Head found here
  • That's the Ikea Dresser we with custom painted drawers and knobs.
  • The Gold Deer Head pillow cover found here
  • The Trotting Foxes in gold fabric - see fabrics above by Olive and Andrew :)
That's our little one's nursery inspiration in a nut shell!  I hope you enjoy this inspiration and I cannot wait to bring you our final designs for our little girl! I have some more vacation time here in the mountains, and upon my return home, I'll be putting all of these pieces together + more to bring you Braelyn's Mountain & Woodland Inspired Nursery!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

31 Weeks Pregnant & on Vacation!

Week 32 is right around the corner!  2 months!  I'm on vacation this week.  It's been beautiful bit man am I sore! I NEVER have to be in the car unless I'm going to the store, so 4 hour a day car trips across Montana/Glacier National Park at pretty well killing my back.  Don't get me wrong, glad to be on vacation,  but it would have probably been better to do this MUCH earlier on in pregnancy!  It's been planned/room booked for 2 years though,  so we couldn't really have changed anything :)

How far along: 31

Gender: Girl!

Weight gained: 20.2 lbs (or more, no weighing v toss week bc we are on vacation!)

Inches gained: About 8.5 but probably more like 9, not sure bc we are on vacation :)

Working Out:  We are having an active mountain vacation!  Granted, it's not my "normal" mountain trip like my last two to Jackson Hole,Climbing the Grand Teton or a 19 ish mile hike to Lake Solitude, but I'm with Neal's family,  not mine,  & well I'm super pregnant ;)

Clothing Choices:  Hello stretchy workout clothes!  
Belly button: Outty!  It’s actually more like a “smothy” and it just is in line w/ my stomach

Sleep: It’s a bit hard to sleep in a new place.  The bean pillow had to stay home :/ and my back was absolutely in the worst pain for 2 days post flying

Best moment this week: Well since we are in Montana,  there's a lot of great moments :) I'd say any time it's not raining and I'm hiking is great! I'm a fair weather outdoor girl...I really wouldn't normally be outside in the cold (unless it's snowy beautiful) or the rain,  but when you are only able to see these places for a limited time,  you take what you can get!

Hardest moment this week: Upper back pain for sure is NOT fun while in a car or on a plane!  If it wasn't for needing to be appropriate in public/around my in laws, I probably would have cried most of Thursday on the flights and Friday in the 5 ish hour car rides. 

What I’m missing:  I'm on vacation...it would be nice to have beer or wine...

Movement:  She still consistently moves around 9:30 pm cst and again around 5 am ish if I'm trying to get back to sleep. She has cute kicks and wiggles when Neal lays on my belly and talks to her!!!

Cravings:  I'm back to milk!  I want milk ALL the time!!! And of course I won't pass having some cereal or a dessert to go along with the milk ;)

Queasy or sick: Feeling pretty well, but if I eat some unfamiliar foods and we get back in the car in a bumpy road, I start to feel a little unsettled. 

Looking forward to:  A few more days of vacation :)

Strange Dreams:  I haven't really had any as far as I can remember. 

Week 31 Workouts
  • Wednesday - Dog Walk 1.75 miles & Chest/Biceps w Neal
  • Thursday - Dog Walk 1.75 milesb
  • Friday - 1 mile easy hike
  • Saturday - 2 ish (maybe 3 by the time we meandered around looking for the right trail lol) mile hike in the chilly rain was about all I could handle.  But it was worth it to getv out of the car for some back relief and see McDonald Falls and Sacred Dancing Cascades
  • Tuesday - 3+ mile hike around St. Mary's lake and to the falls!
Travel While Pregnant Suggestions:
  • Bring a small pillow (or two) I used mine for lower back support on the flights and in the car, & it's my knee pillow at night! 
  • Bring pillow cases...I turned the fancy pillows on the bed at our rental/condo into sleep pillows by taking off their 'nice' covers and using our pillow cases from home (can do w couch pillows too). Why change the cover to your own?  Pillows and decorative covers (even bed comforters) are rarely washed at hotels and rentals...nasty!
  • Bring a tennis ball (or two in a sock) to massage your back against a non squishy seat, think car seat or airplane seat. This has been magical for me! Providing lots of relief on long car rides/flights! 
  • Bring a water bottle!  Be sure you are still drinking water! I love traveling w my metal insulted one so my water stays cooler longer in the car! 
  • Have healthy snacks still handy! When I got here,  I purchased Kind bars and Greek yogurt that I've snacked on while I wake in the middle of the night and in the car trips. Neal's parents brought a collapsible cooler which has made traveling w food easier. 
  • If I had thought about it,  I would have loved my night light for the bathroom.  I hate having to turn on the bright lights when I need to pee.
  • Be sure to take breaks if you are in the car for long periods of time. 
  • Give yourself lei way and have some support from your travel partners. It's okay if you want or need to skip out on something.  And allow yourself to feel hormonal.  Your travel buddies should understand.  I know I had one REALLY bad day. Allowing myself to cry it out, talk it out with Neal and then walk solo helped a lot! 
What suggestions do you have for pregnancy travel?