Tuesday, July 1, 2014

31 Weeks Pregnant & on Vacation!

Week 32 is right around the corner!  2 months!  I'm on vacation this week.  It's been beautiful bit man am I sore! I NEVER have to be in the car unless I'm going to the store, so 4 hour a day car trips across Montana/Glacier National Park at pretty well killing my back.  Don't get me wrong, glad to be on vacation,  but it would have probably been better to do this MUCH earlier on in pregnancy!  It's been planned/room booked for 2 years though,  so we couldn't really have changed anything :)

How far along: 31

Gender: Girl!

Weight gained: 20.2 lbs (or more, no weighing v toss week bc we are on vacation!)

Inches gained: About 8.5 but probably more like 9, not sure bc we are on vacation :)

Working Out:  We are having an active mountain vacation!  Granted, it's not my "normal" mountain trip like my last two to Jackson Hole,Climbing the Grand Teton or a 19 ish mile hike to Lake Solitude, but I'm with Neal's family,  not mine,  & well I'm super pregnant ;)

Clothing Choices:  Hello stretchy workout clothes!  
Belly button: Outty!  It’s actually more like a “smothy” and it just is in line w/ my stomach

Sleep: It’s a bit hard to sleep in a new place.  The bean pillow had to stay home :/ and my back was absolutely in the worst pain for 2 days post flying

Best moment this week: Well since we are in Montana,  there's a lot of great moments :) I'd say any time it's not raining and I'm hiking is great! I'm a fair weather outdoor girl...I really wouldn't normally be outside in the cold (unless it's snowy beautiful) or the rain,  but when you are only able to see these places for a limited time,  you take what you can get!

Hardest moment this week: Upper back pain for sure is NOT fun while in a car or on a plane!  If it wasn't for needing to be appropriate in public/around my in laws, I probably would have cried most of Thursday on the flights and Friday in the 5 ish hour car rides. 

What I’m missing:  I'm on vacation...it would be nice to have beer or wine...

Movement:  She still consistently moves around 9:30 pm cst and again around 5 am ish if I'm trying to get back to sleep. She has cute kicks and wiggles when Neal lays on my belly and talks to her!!!

Cravings:  I'm back to milk!  I want milk ALL the time!!! And of course I won't pass having some cereal or a dessert to go along with the milk ;)

Queasy or sick: Feeling pretty well, but if I eat some unfamiliar foods and we get back in the car in a bumpy road, I start to feel a little unsettled. 

Looking forward to:  A few more days of vacation :)

Strange Dreams:  I haven't really had any as far as I can remember. 

Week 31 Workouts
  • Wednesday - Dog Walk 1.75 miles & Chest/Biceps w Neal
  • Thursday - Dog Walk 1.75 milesb
  • Friday - 1 mile easy hike
  • Saturday - 2 ish (maybe 3 by the time we meandered around looking for the right trail lol) mile hike in the chilly rain was about all I could handle.  But it was worth it to getv out of the car for some back relief and see McDonald Falls and Sacred Dancing Cascades
  • Tuesday - 3+ mile hike around St. Mary's lake and to the falls!
Travel While Pregnant Suggestions:
  • Bring a small pillow (or two) I used mine for lower back support on the flights and in the car, & it's my knee pillow at night! 
  • Bring pillow cases...I turned the fancy pillows on the bed at our rental/condo into sleep pillows by taking off their 'nice' covers and using our pillow cases from home (can do w couch pillows too). Why change the cover to your own?  Pillows and decorative covers (even bed comforters) are rarely washed at hotels and rentals...nasty!
  • Bring a tennis ball (or two in a sock) to massage your back against a non squishy seat, think car seat or airplane seat. This has been magical for me! Providing lots of relief on long car rides/flights! 
  • Bring a water bottle!  Be sure you are still drinking water! I love traveling w my metal insulted one so my water stays cooler longer in the car! 
  • Have healthy snacks still handy! When I got here,  I purchased Kind bars and Greek yogurt that I've snacked on while I wake in the middle of the night and in the car trips. Neal's parents brought a collapsible cooler which has made traveling w food easier. 
  • If I had thought about it,  I would have loved my night light for the bathroom.  I hate having to turn on the bright lights when I need to pee.
  • Be sure to take breaks if you are in the car for long periods of time. 
  • Give yourself lei way and have some support from your travel partners. It's okay if you want or need to skip out on something.  And allow yourself to feel hormonal.  Your travel buddies should understand.  I know I had one REALLY bad day. Allowing myself to cry it out, talk it out with Neal and then walk solo helped a lot! 
What suggestions do you have for pregnancy travel? 

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