Thursday, July 3, 2014

Baby Room Inspiration, Mountain & Woodland Theme

Well before we ever found out the gender of our sweet little one, I started imagining the nursery.  My heart and mind kept being drawn back to the same place. It didn't take long for me to start putting the pieces together and imagine the perfect room for our baby.

The mountains were calling out to me, and I knew the nursery, whether boy or girl, would be mountain inspired and woodland themed!

For years, I've been wanting a moose head in my house after seeing a contestant use one on HGTV's Design Star, and this was perfect!  No not a real moose head, a cute fake one!
Moose Head, Design Star Contestant Rachel Kate (source)

The search began with me originally wanting this crib because it was oh so perfect, but alas I could never find this type of chunky rustic crib.
Then I realized how stupidly expensive cribs were, and was overjoyed when I came across this post on a "Neutral and Calming Nursery" and all the items were perfectly affordable and from Ikea!

My father and some close friends got us this dresser and this crib in the grey brown color.

If we were having a boy, the plan was to go with the grey-brown color, whites and reds.
If we were having a girl, the plan was to go with he grey-brown color, white, black and gold.

When we found out our little one was a girl, it was game on!  I quickly put together these inspiration boards and fell in love!

And then I purchased these fabrics to make crib sheets and a crib skirt.
  • Menagerie in Timberwolf by Sarah Watson found here
  • Trotting Foxes by Olive and Andrew found here 
  • Light Grey Arrows by Holli Zollinger found here

Olive and Andrew used to have a shop on Etsy, that's where I first found their fabric made into crib sheets, but then their shop closed, so that's why I knew I had to just make these crib sheets because I was that obsessed.

Practically all of these items in the above photo inspiration boards are available on Etsy.  Here's the links to get many of them yourself!

  • Crib sheet with animal faces found here
  • Moose Head in Gold Found here
  • The Mountains are Calling and I Must Go plaque found here
  • Metallic Gold and White fabric color combos for crib sheets found here
  • Oh Baby It's A Wild Word pillow cover found here
  • Gold and White fabric combos for crib sheets found on Etsy, no longer can I find this listing
  • Heart Pillow found here
  • Gold Antlers to hang items from found here
  • Let Her Sleep For When She Wakes She will Move Mountains print found here 
  • White and Gold Polka Dot Blanket found here
  • Gold Wolf Head found here
  • That's the Ikea Dresser we with custom painted drawers and knobs.
  • The Gold Deer Head pillow cover found here
  • The Trotting Foxes in gold fabric - see fabrics above by Olive and Andrew :)
That's our little one's nursery inspiration in a nut shell!  I hope you enjoy this inspiration and I cannot wait to bring you our final designs for our little girl! I have some more vacation time here in the mountains, and upon my return home, I'll be putting all of these pieces together + more to bring you Braelyn's Mountain & Woodland Inspired Nursery!!!


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