Tuesday, July 29, 2014

35 Weeks Pregnant

Tomorrow actually marks the start of week 36! I can't believe it, we could meet you in as little as 2 weeks or as long as a month and a half for us to have gone 'full term'!  From what I've read, full term is either 37 or 38 weeks, so we'll go with 38 until I actually ask my doctor.  Plus, I don't think she's turned yet, so that makes me think she'll be hanging in here until due date (just keeping my fingers crossed she doesn't come later).

I know it's silly to put the pressure on myself, but I just want to have her in August because my mom is flying in the first week of September and staying for a week to help us, so I'd hate for her to just be here and Braelyn to still be waiting for arrival.

Beyond that pressure, when I walk, I feel full on the pressure of Braelyn!  This morning I could barely make it home to finish the walk and thought I might pee on myself in the middle of my neighborhood!   Ha! Now wouldn't that be a sight!

More pressure from work seems to be here, but I think I'm doing a little better about just blowing it off and being more like "whatever" now.  I mean it really is annoying for my boss to think she's joking each week when she says something about pushing back my due date, but today was the first day it didn't make me want to just punch the computer when she said it.  Today, I was kinda like...well that's still a little rude, but whatever, I know she's trying to joke with me and she's just worried about people not being trained, but that's part of life.  It's really hard to work remote and train people.  I can't just sit there and watch them to make sure they are doing the task, when in fact they are busy and put off the tasks I just trained on (or still can't do them because they don't have proper access...sigh), so the knowledge isn't maintained.  But I've done what I can, we are all facing difficult circumstances and we are all doing the best we can, and that's good enough. :)

By the way, again I must state, I've never seen a coconut that I actually think is the size of this child..."The Bump" sure does have some funny fruit/veggie comparisons.  I looked for a coconut in the store, the only one I found was about 5 inches at it's largest length...no where near the 18 ish inches for the size of the fetus at this time!

How far along: 35
Gender: A girl
Weight gained: 24.8 lbs
Inches gained: About 10.5
Working Out:  Not too bad, my workouts aren’t all the ‘intense’, but it’s enough to keep me active.
Clothing Choices:  Wearing Nike shorts and the 4 workout tops that still fit, then when I leave the house, I throw together an outfit as best I can…stretchy tanks with a jacket and my 1 pair of maternity shorts that fit, or my maternity jeans, or one of my maxi dresses.
Belly button: Outty!
Sleep: Ehh, it’s been better. It’s harder for me to stay asleep.
Best moment this week: Partaking in my sister-in-law’s wedding was pretty fun! She was a very very laid back bride, so that made it very pleasant.  It was nice to get dressed up since I don’t do that hardly ever now!
Hardest moment this week: Though it was really an enjoyable weekend, it was hard to do all of the wedding activities because I felt very exhausted and much like a zombie. When we returned home on Sunday, I was so tired, we got about 10 hours of sleep and I was still a cranky Pregosaurs Rex on Monday!
What I’m missing: Sleeping on my stomach sounds kinda nice!  I find myself waking up on my back, instead of my side, and it takes a lot of effort to make me want to roll to the side because I’m tired of my shoulder hurting or falling asleep if I don’t have my pillows just right.
Movement: I can still feel her moving around.  I think I can tell where her head or butt is most of the time because I have a round lump protruding out of me!
Cravings:  Dairy. I’m liking milk but would love to eat ice cream instead!  I’ve also wanted Greek yogurt a lot.
Queasy or sick: Feeling good, only really having back pain.
Looking forward to: Braelyn being here and taking some time off of work.

Strange Dreams: Dreams are just so VIVID.  They’re very detailed from what colors I should be seeing to precise articles people are wearing or holding.  It can be a little intense and sometimes seem VERY realistic.  I actually thought my dreams on Friday night were real and thought I had literally forgot to put up the toilet seat before going to the bathroom, so when I woke up, I double checked the bathroom because I said OH MY GOSH, I HAVE TO CLEAN THIS NOW!!!!

Week 35 Workouts
  • Thursday - Knocked Up Fitness Total Body Pilates x 2
  • Friday - 10 minute Prenatal Pilates Standing Routine (can find it on you tube!)
  • Monday - Prenatal Yoga, also on You Tube
  • Tuesday - 1.5 mile walk with the pups.  Each one got to go .75 miles.  They had a big weekend at Doggy Daycare so I didn't take them yesterday since all they did was slept!  Too cute :) That's all I wanted to do too...sleep!


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    1. Thanks so much!!! I still need to check out the Linky Parties you told me about :)