Wednesday, July 9, 2014

32 Weeks Pregnant

Today starts week 33 of pregnancy!  It's so strange to think that in one month, we are considered 'full-term' and that many women have their babies at 38 weeks, which for me is 5 weeks from now - Woah!  

This coming week, I plan to look for breastfeeding classes to go to at the hospital, possibly doing some AquaNatal (water aerobics for pregnant women) or getting a prenatal massage to help alleviate stress and back pain.  We'll see if I do either two of the latter, I'm just trying not to go crazy with work stress.  Since coming back to work, I've needed yoga twice just to relax myself a bit. 

Now let's take a look back of week 32 of pregnancy :)

How far along: 32

Gender: Girl!

Weight gained: 22.8 lbs

Inches gained: About 10

Working Out:  It was vacation week, so my ‘workouts’ mostly were walking/hiking.

Clothing Choices:  I feel like things really aren’t fitting all that awesome anymore.  Since I was on vacation, I had an even more limited clothing selection. I basically just wore yoga pants or my nike shorts all week while we were traveling across Montana/Glacier National Park. Occasionally, in the evenings, I’d change into some pregnancy jeans or a maternity dress.

Belly button: Outty!

Sleep: It wasn’t too bad. On the day we hiked, I slept AMAZING!  That cardio does help out J

Best moment this week: Maternity photo shoot!  I really loved working with Scott Wilson and his family!  They were so great together and of course the photo shoot was about us and our family, so it helped me focus back in on the beauty and fun aspects of pregnancy.  Also, just being on vacation was really nice. Of course, I still stressed about things with work, but I was able to completely let go of Lively Happenings on Etsy for a week, and even though I LOVE making jewelry/custom picks or collar stays for men, it was really nice to have a break from orders.

Hardest moment this week: The first three days of vacation were rough (that was week 31) due to rain and cold.  So sorta forgiving myself and focusing back on the fact that I was on vacation, even if the weather sucked was hard.  I felt like such a B word for being frustrated with the weather. 

Then when we returned home, getting back to work only to find that my coworkers that I’m supposed to start training today were not given the access they need is a massive stressor.  Giving birth is becoming closer and closer.  I am full term in a month (37 weeks). I am freaking out that I have been asked to train new people, and when I give instructions on whom to contact/how to give these people the access they need, and it’s not done, that’s stressful. 

What I’m missing: Being comfortable. My upper back can really start to hurt as the day progresses.  I seriously just want to cry sometimes.  Knocked up Fitness Pilates/Yoga seems to help as does heat and using a foam roller to roll out my back.

Movement: Her movements are becoming slower and harder as she tries to find room in there.

Cravings:  Cereal. My “I’m stressed out and need food” craving.

Queasy or sick: Feeling good.

Looking forward to: Having work training over. I feel like that will be a relief.

Strange Dreams:  Scary scary dream about a bus driver stalking a child at a school and then the principal (whom was in the form of my current my boss…) drugging that child in front of everyone because the child wouldn’t cooperate and then handing the kid over to the bus driver.  The prequel to this was a bloody sidewalk with a little boy crying for his lost sister…that sister was the child being stalked.  Umm super creepy, had the dream this morning, woke up in a sweat, and I haven’t gone to bed since.  

Week 32 Workouts
  • Wednesday – 2 mile walk in the morning solo around the area of town we were staying it Whitefish
  • Thursday – 4.5 mile hike to Avalance Lake in Glacier National Park.  It was very beautiful!
  • Tuesday – Knocked up Fitness Prenatal Pilates Yoga
    • I didn't workout over the weekend because we traveled a ton...Friday was 4.5 hour drive (that kills your back while pregnant), Saturday was flying...if you consider a quick walk through the airport a workout, then I'd say I went at least a mile!  And Sunday was more driving to get back home and then unpacking.  Monday, after work, I spend doing laundry.  So I wasn't inactive, just didn't do a real workout.

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