Tuesday, July 15, 2014

33 Weeks Pregnant

Week 33 is almost a blur.  My dad and his girlfriend Kim came to town and helped us SO much Thursday - Tuesday.  We did TONS of miscellaneous house tasks from cleaning weeds and mulching, fixing creaking doors, making freezer meals to hanging a mobile in Braelyn's room.

Work was incredibly stressful for me.  I think I called Emily, my friend/old co-worker, every day except today in tears.

Braelyn's been pretty awesome though.  She's moving still, which is comforting, but I still don't think she's head down.  She has time though! I want her to brew and grow stronger for a few more weeks so we can have as healthy of a little girl as possible!  I am truly looking forward to holding her and giving her so much love!!!

Let me just start by saying I have no idea what a durian is, I didn't really look up the fruit much...but seriously "The Bump" couldn't have found something more realistic to what you might commonly find in your grocery store?

How far along: 33
Gender: Pretty sure you’re still a girl ;-)
Weight gained: 22.8 lbs
Inches gained: About 10.5
Working Out:  Not so great this week…more like active days, but not actual workouts set aside.
Clothing Choices:  I wore a lot of workout clothes this week!  I stayed in my looser fitting tanks and nike shorts most of the week.  Occasionally, I put on a skirt with a tank or a maternity dress.
Belly button: Outty!
Sleep: Pretty decent, I’m just used to waking up for the bathroom and being awake at some point during the night for 30+ minutes because I can’t fall back asleep.
Best moment this week: My dad and his girlfriend coming to visit.  Though there visit was fast and furious, it was a much needed visit!  They were SO helpful!  We had a massive list of random household to do’s and they nearly completed all of them + some!  It was exhausting, but so worth it!  We even made over 30 days’ worth of freezer meals (breakfast, lunches, and dinners!)
Hardest moment this week: There were a few.  Work really was super stressful. I started training Wednesday (the start of week 33) and that day went great, but then on Thursday, I woke up to find my computer crashed and wouldn’t turn on!  I had to drive to Nashville (3 hours away) to get a loaner computer and turn mine in to get re-imaged! I couldn’t tell if my new boss was mad at me or not (one of the downsides of working remote) so I felt like all day she hated me and was pissed I wasn’t training people (possibly not the case, but by comments, it seemed she was peeved…not like I broke my computer, it was a companywide incident where anyone w/ the same Windows system was affected). Then, Friday was a failure for training because I was so frazzled and still trying to get access on my loaner computer.  Monday was another failure, and I just cancelled training all together.  By Tuesday though, I didn’t cry during work, so today’s looking much better!  I’m just fearful I will be so stressed that I’ll go into pre-term labor.
What I’m missing: Being able to sit or stand comfortably.  I feel like either way, if I do one for just slightly too long, my back is killing me!  It’s still mostly my upper back, but we’ve found ways to foam roll it out or even pop it back when it’s too painful.
Movement: She still moves quite a bit.  I can feel her for sure if I have coffee (half-caf) so I am thinking of only having decaf.
Cravings:  Milk.  I want milk again all the time.
Queasy or sick: Feeling good, only really having back pain.
Looking forward to: Finishing up her nursery!  I have 2 crib sheets to make and am waiting on one wall decoration and the glider to get here!  I have to hang things on the wall, but it’s coming along!

Strange Dreams: I know I’ve had some odd ones, as well as some romantic ones about Neal…but I can’t remember details!  My brain quickly fills with work tasks once I wake up.

Week 33 Workouts
  • Wednesday – Knocked up Fitness Prenatal Pilates Yoga and a .75 mile walk.  I was going to go further, but the urge to pee and a side cramp made me make a v-line for home!
  • Thursday – Monday – I didn’t set aside time to workout, but I more had active days. I would walk with my Dad and Kim and the dogs (they all came here on Thursday…yes the day I got to drive back and forth to Nashville and home…) and ALL weekend we prepped freezer meals and did TONS of misc. house chores.


  1. I'll be making another post with them all here in a few days, Jennifer!

  2. Yay can't wait for that post on freezer meals, will definitely be doing the same soon :) xx