Saturday, January 19, 2013


I introduce to you my first Giveaway since starting my Etsy shop in October 2012!

Before I can give anything away, I need your help!

I have started a new line called Jewelry Organization.  I realized a lot of people don't have a cute and fun way to display their jewelry, and they may not have a convenient way to travel with it.  Putting your items in a simple plastic baggy won't do it anymore when traveling.  At home, you might as well display all your gorgeous gems beautifully!

Here are some samples of the new line of at home jewelry display: 

Here are 3 Travel Jewelry Organizers:

Now for your help.  I would like your feedback.  What do you like best about the line?  Do you see something that really stands out?  Or do you have a suggestion for improvement?

Leave your comments below and I will randomly select one person who will win this lovely and simple minimalist necklace!  I will announce the winner on the blog on Wednesday, Jan 23rd!

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Leave your comments and win!


  1. What a great idea! These travel cases are precious, and the patterns are very modern! Have you thought of making the inside even more individualized with more compartments to prevent tangles? Also, would you be able to custom make travel cases for other items such as hair straighteners or brushes?

    1. Thank you Brittay for the compliments and the great ideas :) I will keep you posted! I have a few ideas on how to prevent tangles that I may have to sew into my next batch. Right now I am making mostly item's for jewelry, but why not expand that and make the Lively Happenings shop a place for all things 'beauty'!

  2. I love the travel cases and the jewelry display. I agree with Brittany bigger travel bags would be great! The line is very cute, you are very talented.

    1. Thank you Nicole! I will see what I can do with something a little larger :)