Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekly Meals for Jan. 14th-18th

As I am sitting here before church browsing my Scrumptious Foods board on Pinterest, I keep finding recipes I have wanted to try and some that I know I love and want to eat again!

This week I plan on having lot of salads for lunch.  Most of the time I load them with black beans, kidney beans, nuts or eggs to get protein.  Sometimes I'm lucky enough to have some leftover meat to toss in there though!

For dinners this week, we are going to try two new recipes and two of our easy to make tried and true recipes.  I typically only plan 4 meals a week because most of the time by Friday we have plans with friends, or we have plenty of leftovers to make up a tasty meal while we watch "Shark Tank".  Yes, I love that show!

Our meals for this week:

2 New:
Crock pot Greek Chicken with Quinoa - found here at the Tone It Up Blog

Bang Bang Shrimp - off of Lovely Little Things Blog (this recipe calls for low fat mayo, instead we will be using Mayo with Olive Oil)

2 Tried & True:
Burgers - found here at this blog - the ones is that post are Turkey, but we plan on making lean beef (Neal told me he wanted BEEF so he will have beef!)

Mushroom Soup - Season with Spice  and I will be serving it with Green Goddess Grilled Cheese (1/2 for each of us)

I'm going to be trying at least 1 crock pot recipe a week from now until the end of February so I can compete in the Crock Pot Challenge Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers is throwing.  Many crock pot recipes I find have tomatoes in them, so I am looking for some good ones to try without tomatoes, let me know if you have one!

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