Saturday, January 26, 2013

Workout Mash-up & Dance Central Fun

Whew, I can’t believe the day is only half way over!  I feel like I have been up forever at it should be dark.  I woke up thinking about work, so I knew I needed to just log in and get some stuff done…I wanted to go office space, but resisted!
I put in a few hours before Neal & I headed to the gym with our friend, Taylor.  The boys did their thing while I started to do the TIU Wild Child Workout.  After realizing that I really wanted to feel the burn, I switched up their workout and combined it with a killer leg workout I had done in the past from PBFingers.  This is what my mash-up looked like:
It was intensely wonderful.  My stretching that followed felt so great!
The following weights are what I used:
·         Squats with weighted ball toss – 10lb ball
·         Dead lift 60lbs
·         Lunges two 17.5 dumbbells
·         Leg extension 70-85
·         Seated leg curl 70-80 
Now, I want to share something more fun with you!
Last night we enjoyed quite a good evening at our friends house playing Cards Against Humanity and Dance Central!  Here’s a little video recap for your viewing pleasure!
yes I forgot to spell check that video...oops, oh well!  What else is new :)

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