Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January 2013 Workouts

This month I am focusing on following the Tone It Up Love Your Body Series.  You can find all their information directly here or follow along what I do below.

Wed Jan. 2
        Morning workout - Did the following 3 times
        PM Workout - Cupid Cardio - Total of 4.5 Miles in 43 minutes.   That includes the
workout as shown below, a 1 min walk in between the 1st and 2nd set, and a 5 minute cool down!

Thursday, Jan 3rd
  • Today with the series the girls want us to try something new.  I went to Hulu and found this workout video: "Xtend Barre: Lean & Chiseled" by Dance & Be Fit on Hulu:!watch/388613
  • I also walked .75 miles with the dogs
  • Total of 5.25 miles toward the #100ByVday challenge

Friday, Jan 4th


Saturday, Jan 5th
  • Walked 2 miles.  1 of those miles was with the dogs pulling me walking 2 50 pound mutts! ...sarcasm ;)
Sunday, Jan 6th
  • Today's Run Day Sunday!  5k time! 
  • All but the first superset in this workout (tricept & bicept)
Monday, Jan 7th
  • AM:  Crush Cardio - now at 21miles toward the #100ByVDay!! 
  • PM - 40 Minutes of yoga!
Tuesday, Jan 8th
  • Love Your Body, Total Body Toning Routine - 3 times through
  • Itty Bitty Abs (Bikini) Workout
Wednesday, Jan 9th
  • AM Booty Call - Secret admirer workout (see above) - Now at 26.6 miles toward my #100byVDay  
  • Malibooty Workout with Katrina, and I LOVE Karena's guest appearance w/ the birds :)
Thursday, Jan 10th
  • Try it Thursday, made my own stability ball workout!
Friday, Jan 11th
  • I totally forgot to do my happy hour workout from tone it up (a move every hour on the hour).  Oops.  I did take a nice two mile run/walk/sprint with Walden!  He's the perfect interval partner:  Walk, walk walk, SQUIRREL!!! Walk, jog, walk, BIRD!!! Pee. Repeat.  :)
Saturday, Jan 12th
  • Turbo Jam's:  Kick Punch & Jam!
Sunday, Jan 13th
  • 5K day & Sunkiss Abs
Monday Jan 14th
  • Secret Admirer Cardio
Tuesday, Jan 15th
Wednesday, Jan 16th
Thursday, Jan 17th
  • Try it Thursday!  I tried a new Stress Release Yoga at home, it was very appreciated by my mind and body!  I also tried a new hairstyle, BLOND!  Still not 100% for it, but I don't hate it!

Friday, Jan 18th
  • I worked out bright and early and got 30 minutes on the elliptical somehow going a distance of 4.4 miles!  Then I did Sweet & Sexy VDay Workout (scroll down to Friday on the link)
Saturday, Jan 19th
  • Run/walk/pull mom into random people...the puppies and I went to the Newburg riverfront and got in 4.6 miles!
Sunday, Jan 20th
  • 5k day! I did 2.39 miles with my cooldown included
Monday, Jan 21st
  • AM Workout - Wild Child and Sea Shells 3xs from Tone It Up
  • PM Workout - supposed to be 30 minutes walk, but I only made it 20 before I thought my fingers were going to fall off due to the cold weather! Another 1/2 mile down for my #100ByVDay!
Tuesday, Jan 22nd
Wednesday, Jan 23rd
  • Cocktail Dress workout w/ Katrina, 2 times through.
  • 1/2 mile afternoon walk with the puppies
  • Date Night Workout from the Love Your Body series.  I put in another 2.6 miles and am at 64 miles!
Thursday, Jan 24th
  • Tara Stiles' Yoga for Super Hero Strength - only 8 minutes to a stronger body and mind this morning! 
Friday, Jan 25th
  • AM: Love Your Body series workouts 2 x's each
  • PM:  Secret Admirer for 5.43 total miles
Sautrday, Jan 26th
  • Mash up of Killer Legs from PBFingers & Wild Child from TIU
Sunday, Jan 27th
  • Sunday runday!  4 miles at an 8 minute pace!  Did a 3 min warmup and 5 minute cool down for a total of 4.5 miles.
Monday, Jan 28th
  • Crush Cardio with Abs and I got 6.58 miles in today for the #100ByVDay
Tuesday, Jan 29th
  • AM Turbo Jam Abs and Tony Horton Abs
  • Afternoon .4 mile walk with the dogs
  • PM:  All 4 Love Your Body series workouts
Wednesday, Jan 30th
  • Date Night Cardio for another 2.67 miles
Thursday, Jan 31st
  • Tone It Up workouts, Cowabunga & Sunset, 3 times through each

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