Sunday, January 27, 2013

Making the Most of A Quarter Century

Later this year, I will turn 25!  Either I act older, or I look older, because some of my husbands and my mutual friends don’t believe me when I tell them I am not 25 yet.   Either way, I am excited for this year and, as always, I am already planning activities that go well into the summer.

I gave a throwback of some of my favorite fitness accomplishments thus far on Friday, and I want to challenge myself to a few more this year.  Some are going to be really hard, some not so much, but all of them will be incredibly fun for me!

Half Marathon
I’m going to start my year with running.  My husband and I discussed the possibility of me doing one of three half marathons this year.
  • The first race I thought I wanted to go for was the Evansville Half Marathon in October.  I think deep down I wanted to do that one solely because it was so far away and I didn’t have to start training.  Neal helped me decide that since I am already running so much with the TIU Love Your Body Series, I could more easily transition into race training now. 
That left me with my two other options, the Southern Indiana Classic in early April, or the Music City Half Marathon in late April.
  • I have done the Music City Half and had a decent time, but I remember registration the day prior was a bit chaotic since we had to get to Nashville by a certain time, yet we lived almost 3 hours away and both were working on that Friday.  I know a handful of great women who are doing this race, and would love to meet up with them, but it will be much easier to go with choice # 3.
  • To save almost $50 dollars on registration, get a fresh view on my 2nd half marathon, & not have to travel and sleep in a hotel, I am signing up for the Southern Indiana Classic Half Marathon on April 6th.  I’m in the process of making my training schedule now and will be sharing that with you shortly!
More Running
The half marathon is not the only running events I am going to do this year, I am going to jump start my training by taking place in the USI Screaming Eagles Running Series.  It’s a three race event:  5K Feb 9th, 7K March 16th, and a 10 K April 13th.  Yes, that last one is the week after the Southern Indiana Classic Half, but as long as I train properly and don’t get hurt, I should be fine to partake!
The Dream Hike
Of all my fitness plans this year, I may be looking most forward to this one.   Last year, my family and I climbed the Grand Teton outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  While making our ascent, nearing 13,770 feet, I kept seeing the most pristine lake.  Finally when we made it to the top, I asked our guide, Lynne, what that gorgeous spot was.  Her reply, “That's Lake Solitude, one of the best hikes out here!” Sold! I knew I wanted to do it, and I knew I would gladly make another trip to Jackson Hole to hike to LakeSolitude where I will have a new perspective of the mountain I was currently standing atop.  I plan on hiking in mid-late July with my father, his girlfriend, my friend Marlee and possibly her older sister, Mica!  This will be a 15-19 mile day hike.  There’s a shuttle at Jenny Lake that you can take which will knock off 2 miles each way.   I do plan on taking the shuttle across the lake, and will want to take it back as long as we make it to the lake before it stops running. 
Lake Solitude
Teton Range

Sunset at Lower Saddle show the shadows of the Teton Range
 Some other goals
  • Become limber enough to do the mermaid yoga pose
  • Become limber enough to do the front splits
  • Find a fun and adventurous activity to do with Neal for our 3 year like a Muddy Buddy or more spelunking
  • Get on the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan.  It’s $150 for a lifetime membership and I have wanted it for a while, but I am finally getting toward the point where I would find it more beneficial in my life.
  • Walk my dogs at least 4 times a week.  I know some people walk their dog(s) daily, but I honestly don’t, and I was a dog walker for 2 years when I moved out here!  It’s just me making excuses, but it can be extremely unenjoyable to walk both of them at the same time.  Since Neal works outside and is on his feet most of the day, one of the last things he typically wants to do is take another 30 minute walk with our dogs.  So I have decided if I keep walking them, they can only improve.  Sasha walks very well on a leash, Walden…not so much.  He’s my crazy brown dog & Sasha's our sweet fluffy puppy!


  1. What great fitness goals! And I completely understand the dog walking thing it is hard work with 2 pups.

    1. Thanks Nicole! Yes, I can handle it sometimes, but I have to be in the right mood. BTW, I want to learn more about your Tiathalon training! I've thought about doing a mini-tri @ some point!