Monday, August 4, 2014

Just Keep Nesting...

Just Keep Nesting. Just Keep Nesting. Nesting. Nesting. Nesting.

Well, I think this weekend, I may have nested some more!  I organized more of the little one's room, adding a few more small containers into her drawers to keep all those little things tidier.  Who knew it would be so hard to keep little bibs separated from little shorts?!

I've also been crafting a TON!  I've been a bit obsessed with little baby knotted top hats and little baby headbands for a while now.  I even bought Braelyn a hat back in November of last year, before we even were pregnant because I was already getting my friend one...yea that's not too unusual for me...I've had a hooded duck towel and a baby carrier from a second hand store for a few years longer than that...I'm pretty bad about that kind of stuff!

So, I wanted Braelyn to have a cute little hat to wear in the hospital, but when I looked on Etsy, there were just so many cute options, that my cart kept piling up with things until I was WELL over budget.  So, even thought I do indeed hate to sew, I decided I'd just make her some.  I saw cute fabric when I had been in JoAnns and thought, I'll look again and maybe just maybe make her a hat or two...

Well...about an hour later, I finally left JoAnns with EIGHT different jersey knit fabrics.  Yes, EIGHT! 

I planned to make the following:
  • Baby Top Knotted Hats
  • Baby Girl Headbands
  • Nursing Cover Up
For my baby top knotted hats and the headbands, I bought 1/3 yard of soft, stretchy, fun, colorful, jersey knit fabrics.

For the nursing cover ups, I needed a yard.  I bought two different fabrics and added on an extra 1/3 yard so Braelyn could have coordinating hat and headband...yes...I'm crazy and I'm nesting.

With my 1/3 yards of colors, I set out to make hats and headbands.  After making Braelyn some, I realized I'd have enough to make some more to sell and/or give to friends.  If you cut carefully, you can make 2 hats and 2 -3 headbands in each cut of fabric!!!

  • Baby Top Knotted Hats
  • Baby Girl Headbands
    • Tutorial found HERE!
    • And this one HERE :)
  • Nursing Cover
    • Tutorial found HERE
    • on this one, where the neck opening is, I sewed 13 inches, but that made the opening still too large for me, so I sewed mind 17 inches so I didn't feel like the shawl would keep coming off.

Want even more things to do while nesting?!

In addition to the jersey fabric for the hats, headbands and nursing covers...I also was CRAZY enough to buy SIX different cotton fabrics and make these lovely little circle skirts.

The tutorial for the circle skirts can be found HERE!

These took very little time, and all I needed to buy was those fabric squares from JoAnns.  I already had the stretchy elastic at home since I use it in my Etsy shop, but if you don't have it, not to worry, JoAnns sells some of that as well :)

Don't want to make your own?! 

So maybe you don't like to sew, or you don't have the time or even the machine...or you just don't want all that extra fabric and to be a crazy sewing lady for a weekend...not to worry, I've got you covered!!!  I have already sold a few of these via Instagram/Facebook promotions, but there's three more collections up for grabs and they are seriously a STEAL when you consider most would cost $15+ for a hat on Etsy alone! 

Why am I selling them cheaper right now?  Well I'm not charging for "time spent" like I normally do when I make things.  I made the price much much cheaper than if I were to put it on Etsy to sell just because!  So if you want to snatch up one of these that's left, email me:

Cost is listed + $3 for US Shipping, $7 for Canada, and $12 elsewhere (yes, I'll give you back $ if shipping is less!)

The ones available still are as follows:

Mommy And Me Dots

Owls for Baby

Pink Chevron

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