Tuesday, August 12, 2014

37 Weeks Pregnant - Full Term Momma!

Hello FULL TERM!!! The Dr. I go to says 37 weeks is full term! Yay!  Tomorrow I'll be 38 weeks, which is where even more Dr's consider full term.  I'm ready when you are, Braelyn, just try not to arrive August 14th so your mommy & daddy can still celebrate their anniversary!

On Thursday, we'll have been married 4 years! That's pretty exciting to me!  I am really glad Neal and I were able to spend a few years just the two of us.  Though, it's going to be so awesome to have a little girl to bring on even more memories.

It really is amazing to me how much more love I already think I feel for Neal as we've gone through this pregnancy.  I can only imagine this will multiply exponentially as we go through parenting together.  Sure, not all of pregnancy has been easy on us, I'm positive parenting will be even harder, but these experiences have really brought a deeper bond.  It could be the dependency I have on Neal, the way he cares about Braelyn already, his thoughtfulness on my feelings, or simply just growing older.  No matter what, this love I have for this man is for sure only going to grow the first time I see him hold our daughter.

How far along: 37
Gender: She’s a girl
Weight gained: 27.4 lbs
Inches gained: About 11
Working Out:  Not great, not terrible. It’s harder to find the energy now. I want to work out before work, but I normally haven’t slept well enough to be able to last all day if I do both.
Clothing Choices:  I hate nearly all my clothes at this moment. I’m wearing pregnancy jeans and stretchy or flowy tops when I go out of the house because I only have about 2 skirts and fit and one pair of shorts that sort of fit.
Belly button: Outty!
Sleep: Yep, sleep sucks. My body’s getting ready for very little of it…survival of the fittest…
Best moment this week:  Neal bringing me home the book “So That’s What They’re For” about breastfeeding.  I can’t believe he checked it out from the library for me! Ha! I’m sure the librarian was amused.  Oh, and it was SUPER exciting to get our glider in and finish up her room! It’s all ready to go and so is her spot in our room.  We put up her pack n play as well as snug-a-monkey rocker next to the bed.  This moved Walden onto Neal’s side of the bed, which may be why Neal isn’t sleeping as well as Walden is a SUPER annoying sleeper. That dog snores and has puppy dreams all night. (and all day…he lays next to me in the office…he just loves me!)
Hardest moment this week:  Just feeling bad about being tired.  I don’t like waking Neal up, I try to be quiet and just leave the room, but he wakes up too.  I feel bad about it because he has to drive so much for his job, and then I get scared.
What I’m missing: The same thing I think I’ll be missing for many many months to come…a good night’s sleep.
Movement: She still moves a lot.
Cravings:  Milk, cereal, mozzarella sticks.
Queasy or sick: More indigestion that what I’ve had lately.  She’s just taking up so much space I suppose.
Looking forward to: Braelyn’s arrival! It’s really nice to be able to think she’ll be here in days or weeks at most!

Strange Dreams: I cannot remember my dreams, probably because I don’t sleep long enough to have any!
Workouts Week 37
  • Wednesday - Total Body and Flexibility from Knocked Up Fitness
  • Thursday - Cardio and Pelvic Floor exercises from Knocked Up Fitness
  • Sunday - 1.5 mil dog walk
  • Tuesday - Yoga at home & a dog walk because they are just too cute!

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