Tuesday, August 5, 2014

36 Weeks Pregnant!

I can't believe that tomorrow, according to my doctor, I will be considered FULL TERM!  That's so exciting!!!  Now he doesn't expect me to have her yet, he still thinks my due date looks good, but still that's super exciting!  Some doctors consider full-term to be 37 weeks, 38 weeks or even 39 weeks.  I would like Braelyn to stay in for at least another week and a half...say come maybe not this weekend, but the next :) That would be awesome!  I know it's a little selfish of us, but we just pray she doesn't come on August 14th, that way we can still keep our anniversary to ourselves!

How far along: 36
Gender: Little baby girl :)
Weight gained: 24.8 lbs
Inches gained: About 11
Working Out:  Eh not as great this past week.  I’m mostly just trying to stay awake after work to help with dinner and house chores.  If I do workout, it needs to be in the morning.
Clothing Choices:  Stuff with stretch or that’s already loose and flowy. I have a ‘delicates’ hamper thing attached to my door and I hadn’t realized that for months, I mean months 3 of my flowy tops were just in the bottom, I had TOTALLY forgotten about them, and it’s like I just got new clothes!!! One of them is the top I’m wearing in today’s photo!
Belly button: Outty!
Sleep: Well, I am sure I’m getting more now than when she’ll be here, but golly I could use a better nights rest.  I will wake up to pee, and then my back hurts again. Really glad I’ve started to see Physical Therapists this week!
Best moment this week: The entire weekend was just so nice!  It’s SO great to be home for  a weekend without any commitments!  We were able to hang out with some friends and their family at the first horse races Neal and I have ever been to!  I was also SUPER crafty this weekend and made Braelyn a TON of cute skirts, hats and headbands as well as myself 2 nursing shawls out of the softest jersey fabric ever!
Hardest moment this week: Nothing really particular. I just have these moments of weakness where I get all pouty or grumpy and short tempered.  They don’t last long though.  It was pretty funny at one point…I was trying to find a place to put some paper towels and toilet paper I had stocked up on and was all ‘arghhh – pissy woman’ and Neal said, I’m not sure you can reach the top shelf to put those up with your tiny little T-Rex Arms (last week we brought the phrase Pregosaurus Rex into our house and now we both crack up when we say I’m being a real Pregosaurus Rex!
What I’m missing: At the horse races this weekend, I think a cold beer would have been nice.
Movement: I still feel her, which makes me happy!  I am still just SO thankful she’s heads down!
Cravings:  Milk and Mozzarella Sticks…and yes I would totally eat them together if the sticks ever made it back to the house…I’ve gotten Sonic Mozzarella Sticks TWO times this week – and I dip them in marinara AND honey mustard…and I’m totally obsessed!
Queasy or sick: Ehh the back pain is really annoying as the work day progresses.  I also had CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY BAD cramping one morning this week. It was terrible. I thought walking the dogs would help, but at one point when I was far away from the house I had considered just sitting on the sidewalk until someone drove by and could take me home.  This was triggered all by some umm..romantic times with Neal, sooo I think I’ll have to ask my Dr. if we need to lay off of that for a while…which would kinda suck since post pregnancy you don’t want to/can’t for a while as well…sigh…
Looking forward to: Braelyn’s arrival!  And the arrival of our glider…I’m STILL waiting on that thing!  My mom ordered it at least a month ago, she says it’s supposed to be here this week…I sure hope so!  I hope they don’t put it BACK on backorder.

Strange Dreams: I don’t think I’m sleeping as well, so I don’t remember any dreams from this week.

Workouts Week 36
  • Wednesday - 1.5 mile walk with the pups
  • Friday - Knocked up Fitness Prenatal Fitcamp and Total Body Pilates
  • Monday - 1 ish mile walk with the dogs
  • Tuesday - just my stretches for Physical Therapy to help my back


  1. Such a coincidence! I've been craving milk and cheese all this week too!!! I'm going to turn into a mouse!! So little left to meet ur little princess - can't wait :) xx

    1. Its VERY VERY exciting Krissy!!! Loving that Milk and Cheese!