Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Workout Wednesday with a Happy Hour Routine

Happy Workout Wednesday!

Today I challenge you to get moving once every hour and do 20 lunges and/or 20 push-ups each hour! I am going to do that through my work day. I will be working 10 hours today and doing both the lunges and push-ups. That means that I will have done 200 lunges and 200 push-ups by the end of my workday. That's not too bad!

This week has been extremely difficult for me to get into the gym or take time for a workout at home. I didn't work out at all on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. Actually, I don't even think I worked out for an entire week!  That's sometimes normal for me. I don't work out every day. I am not the most consistent person when it comes to hitting the pavement or the gym. I have weeks where I work out every day, then I have weeks where I hardly move. I feel healthy, and that's what's most important to me right now.

I have been busy working 10+ hour days and preparing for this upcoming weekend, but I still managed to get a good workout in yesterday (see it here), and am going to take the hour challenge to do 20 push ups and 20 lunges every hour!
Getting a workout into your schedule may seem daunting when you are busy, but I promise you can take a few minutes every hour during your work day to fit in some exercise! It will keep your mind and body motivated throughout the day.

Are you taking the happy hour challenge?

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