Friday, September 21, 2012

Swirl Dipped Nails

Last night, I decided to try a nail polish technique I saw floating around on Pinterest.  It’s called Tie Dye Nails and the original post can be found here.
I didn’t want to go too crazy since I have a conference later today, but I still wanted to have fun with my nails.  Thus, I opted to go with pink, coral, and gold nail polish.  Not quite the 'tie-dye' effect, but rather a swirl of pretty colors!

I followed almost every step of the tutorial as is except I did not change out the container with my polish in between each nail, rather I changed out the polish/water mix in between each hand.  I found I had more than enough polish to do all 5 fingers decently this way.  I also used a base coat and top coat.  The top coat is Essie Good to Go and it will dry your nails almost instantly!  I am OBSESSED with Essie Good to Go!
Base coat and taped fingers (yes, that’s painters tape)

Drops of nail polish

Nail polish swirled (I used a kabob stick as I didn’t have a toothpick)

Fingers dipped

Top coat of Essie’s Good To Go put on and drying

Tape removed

Q-tips used to clean around the nails
Beauty! ...?
So is it epic, or an epic fail?  What nail polish techniques from Pinterest have you tried?

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