Thursday, October 31, 2013

Old Faithful Geyser Basin

There's so much to do while in Yellowstone, but we only had part of a day so we hit up some of the highlights you will find when coming from Grand Teton National Park: West Thumb & Old Faithful!

West Thumb is the first major stop you can find when coming from GTNP entrance to Yellowstone.  It's filled with beautiful pools and occasional geysers.

The lake off of West Thumb looks more like an ocean it's so expansive!

Then we traveled onto the Old Faithful area.  Though I've seen Old Faithful numerous times, I've never hiked around all of the geysers that surround this most famous one.  I'm SO glad Byron and Katie suggested to do this!  We saw 3 completely amazing eruptions!

First, we saw Grand Geyser, the tallest most predictable geyser.

About 10 minutes after Grand Geyser erupted, we saw Old Faithful erupt, and from the 'backside', which I've never done before.

Then we met back up with Dad and Kim where we walked to Morning Glory, which is one of the most beautiful pools in the park.  If you come early in the morning, the colors are apparently even more brilliant.  Morning Glory is located at the end of a well paved path about 1.4 miles from the main area of Old Faithful.  You can walk or bike to it.

The Color Spectrum of a Pool

On our walk back, we saw Lakeside Geyser Erupt.  This one was probably my favorite.  it was so beautiful!

 I honestly didn't know there was this much to do and see around Old Faithful Geyser Basin.  I highly recommend taking the time to stop for more than just Old Faithful's Eruption & take a walk around this beautifully unique area.  It really is like you are on another planet!
Like I said, another world...

Do you see the buffalo?
Rainbows Over the Geyser Basin
Always take time for a new adventure!

The Beauty of Yellowstone

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