Sunday, April 28, 2013

Funk in the City 2013 - My First Art/Craft Show

Hooray for Funk in the City! 

Participating in my first craft show was fun, exhausting, challenging, and rewarding.  I am not scheduled for another show until September 28th & 29th in Brown County, IN.  For that, I am thankful. 

I loved the thrill and excitement of the days building up to the show.  However, I felt like I had 2 full-time jobs for the last month and a half!  As soon as my IT job was over, I'd start working on making more pieces, making displays, or marketing myself for Funk in the City.

I didn't get everything made that I wanted, but I graciously accepted that fact and was able to enjoy all that I had accomplished!

Funk in the City 2013 was good for my first show.  I stayed busy enough (just so much that I forgot to take some pictures), but I wasn't overwhelmed.  The weather was much less than optimal.  It was chilly, in the mid to lower 50's, and the rain dripped down for a constant hour with the skies were grey all day.  However, I feel I offered a ray of sunshine with a smile and positive attitude.  I couldn't believe how good of a mood I was in considering the weather situation.  The first show, a semi 'washout' quite literally, and me still happy...what?!  I will contribute that to the support of my family and friends & to my own personal mindset I was able to put myself in.  My glass remains half full!  I met my sales goal (just barely), which makes me even happier!

So onto my display!  The only thing I forgot to take pictures of was the wall of jewelry organizers, & I feel so silly because it was so pretty!

My little sign below washed away in the rain, but it was cute for an hour or so!

These may have been my most popular pieces, the elastic stretch bracelets & druzy wrap bracelets. Behind them is where my jewelry organizers were hung...silly me for not getting a picture of the beautiful display Neal built me!
These shutters with all my earrings were in the wind's way all day.  Thankfully, Neal figured out a way to tie them to the tent so they wouldn't blow over onto people!
My necklace display still need some work.  This too blew over in the wind a bit, but I think I know what I will do for my next show & my next necklace display!
 This necklace was one of my most favorite new beauties, and it blew over in the wind and was perfectly fine until I stepped on it!  I cracked off the crystal surround, but plan to put it back together...clumsy me!
 And lastly, a cute way to display business cards!
I had a great time at Funk in the City 2013!
  • 15% of all my proceeds went to the Boys & Girls Club per the regulations of Funk in the City. 
  • I met my sales goal. 
  • I met a lot of great people, many who asked which boutique my shop was in, that made me smile since I am not in a boutique but would love to be :-)
  • I also met with a few people on committees for other craft shows who are interested in my participation in their shows!
  • The Funk in the City group loved my setup and thought I did really well.
  • Many people were surprised that it was just my first show.
  • Customers loved that I gift wrapped everything and took time to put their new pieces into boxes with ribbon & a cute teal bag!
  • I remained positive and happy throughout the rain and chill!
  • I had a lot of fun! 
Question of the Day:
Have you ever done a craft show, or gone to one and really liked something about a person's setup, displays, or service?  I'd love any ideas!

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