Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May 2013 Workouts

Backtrack to April
On April 6th, I ran the Southern Indiana Classic Half Marathon in 1:45:36 (yes, that's 1 hour and 45 min!).  I did amazing in the race and took home 1st place in my age group!  At first, we thought I had gotten 2nd in my age group, but the woman who beat me actually placed 3rd overall, so that bumped me to first!  Woot woot!

After the 1/2 marathon, my knees were sore, but I felt pretty freaking awesome.  I iced them and had already planned on taking the week off.

I was supposed to run the USI Spring into Fitness10K the next Saturday, one week after the race, but when I went to do a test jog after taking the week off on Friday night, my foot screamed in pain.  Or maybe that was me screaming that my foot was in pain? :)  I knew something was wrong and I shouldn't risk running in the race the next day.  Needless to say, I went and picked up my t-shirt anyways.  Yes, I am obsessed with race shirts and awards.  It still makes me sad that I didn't run, because I really think I could have placed if I was 100%, and that would mean I would have placed in all 3 USI Running Series Races.
My foot continued to be in pain, so I finally called my family doctor to ask if I needed to be seen.  He scheduled me an appointment.  At that appointment (18 days after the race), he told me that he believed I had a 5th metatarsal stress fracture and that we would first have to take an X-ray, which he didn't think would show results.  He said we had to do the x-ray first for insurance purposes and just in case it did show something more serious. After an x-ray, he said we could do an MRI.  I am too practical.  If it feels like a stress fracture, then it probably is a stress fracture.  The x-ray results, like he suspected, didn't show anything, and I wasn't about to pay for an MRI.  My doctor said that was fine and put me in a walking shoe. 

For the last 6 days of April, I didn't work out much.  I had my craft fair where I stood for long periods of time, and that was about it, until the TIU Bikini Series came along!
Monday, April 29
  • Biker Babes, I did a mini version of this outdoor with my hubby!

Tuesday, April 30
  • 3 rounds of the Sun Seeker Workout, and my foot start to hurt badly again.  

Onto May

May 1-5
  • My foot hasn't been feeling so great.
  • We have been painting our new rental home every day after work, so that's my exercise
Monday, May 6th
  • AM Workout = Itty Bitty from TIU, one of Karena's arm workouts, and some of Katrina's deadlifts to work on that booty
  • Deadlifts throughout the day when I passed by the weights (about 5 total sets!)
  • PM Workout = Painting the rental house!

 Tuesday, May 7th
  • Painting the house again
  • PM Workout = at the gym with Neal doing some back and bicep weight training moves
    • Wide Grip Front Pull Ups, 3 sets
    • Regular Pull Ups, 3 sets
    • Weighted Row, 3 sets
    • Some back machine I hadn't used before that targeted all the muscles back there! 3 sets
    • Machine bicep curls, 2 sets
    • Cohen bicep curls, 1 set
    • Incline bicep curls, 1 set
Wednesday, May 8th
Thursday, May 9th
  • PM Biker Babes workout - so fun!
Saturday, May 11
  • Grab a Friend and Go Workout from Tone it Up!  I was at my dad's house for the weekend, so he got to be my workout buddy!
Wednesday, May 15th
  • BCWO was 3 Tone It Up routines! 2xs Sunkiss Abs, the new Bridal Babe workout, & Surfer Girl from TIU Beach Babe DVD
Thursday, May 16th
  • BCWO = 3 Rounds of Surfer's Paradise and 2 Rounds of Cowabunga!
Monday, May 17th
  • Morning walk with the puppies - 30 mins.  1st day of the Beach Babe 5 Day Slimdown!  I didn't do my HIIT this morning b/c I really just wanted to walk the dogs. 

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