Monday, May 20, 2013

Vacation Preparation!

I am beyond excited and feel so blessed to be able to go to the beach with two of our very best friends, Bob & Natasha!
Our first Alpha Chi Omega Formal! That's from 2006 (my 'freshman 15' days!)
We leave for Cancun on Saturday and get to spend 6 days with them, lounging around the pool, drinking Mexican beer & cocktails, enjoying all you can eat buffets, and forgetting about work!
Well, that all sounds good, but I don't want to fall completely off my healthy habits.  Last time I went to an all-inclusive resort like this was on our honeymoon!  However, I was completely out of commission for an ENTIRE day due to heartburn from the food and drinks.  This time, I'm going to do things a little differently!
On our honeymoon at Kimono's (Sandal's St. Lucia resort)

During our honeymoon, I hadn't yet been diagnosed with Eosinphillic Esophogitis, so little did I know that the mounds of salsa, spicy foods, coconut enhanced drinks, and just general consumption of food & alcohol were making my throat break out in a similar fashion as a rash one might get on their face, arm, etc from a food allergy.
An adventure tour in St. Lucia that ended at a waterfall!
This time around, I am going to prepare myself by indulging with at least a bite or two of my favorites.  You better believe that I will NOT turn down a cheesecake!  I will just share it with our group, or have only what I can eat without bursting out of my cute little outfits!  I plan on maintaining clean eating by filling my plates up with fruits in the morning and veggies throughout the day.

Also in preparation for the trip, I am doing the Tone It Up 5 Day Slimdown!  This is a mini version of the Tone it Up 7 Day Slimdown, both are provided after purchasing the Tone it Up Nutrition plan.  Your trainers & nutritionists, Karena & Katrina, provide practical recipes, guidance, and nutritional information to keep you going through their slim down plans & healthy living through well balanced meals. 
I am not trying to lose weight, rather I am doing the 5DSD to get myself balanced and cleansed, ready to hit the beach running (or snorkeling!).  Here's a little snip of this morning's 5 Day Slimdown Start of Bombshell Spell, Slim Down Scramble and my dogs after our AM Workout!
While on vacation, I'll stay active snorkeling, swimming, hopefully doing a yoga class on the beach (still haven't found out if the resort has that), and maybe visiting the on resort gym if I'm feeling the need to pick up some weights and drop some sweat.  Mostly, I am going to relax and have fun with our wonderful friends & my amazing husband!

6 more days, and I can hardly wait! 

Pirate Party with Natasha, Neal, Myself, Laura & Bob! 
You better believe this will be a wild trip!
Question of the Day:  What's your favorite vacation you've gotten to take with friends?

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