Friday, April 12, 2013

Funk in the City is Taking Over!

For the past month you may have noticed that my blog posts have been sparse.  That's because I'm prepping for Funk in the City!

I have been so busy filling orders, training for the half, working 40+ hours at my day job, sorting out some medical/nutritional items, and making more and more pieces for my Etsy shop in preparation for Funk in the City that I have totally put aside the blog.

I'm not fully back in the swing of things just yet to start posting more regularly, but I have stopped training and most of the medical/nutritional pieces are coming together (that's a post that's been a loooong time coming).  That being said, I plan on attempting to do a few more posts when I am not too busy prepping for Funk in the City and working my day job!

If you are in the Evansville area, I would LOVE if you would drop by my booth, #158 Lively Happenings at Funk in the City on April 27th from 10-4!  This will be in Haynie's Corner, 3501 N. First Ave., Evansville, Indiana 47710.

Here's a sneak peak at what you may find! Note:  some of these are still in progress & other's have links to them in case you want to purchase before it's sold at Funk!

Key Necklaces
Druzy Stud Earrings (amazing color and AAA quality!)
New Spring Collection
Stacking Bracelets & 2 Zodiac Bracelets - one of a kind, or should I say two ;)

Druzy Wrap Bracelets
Cross Wrapping Bracelets
Fluorite Necklaces- natural stones in their beautifully natural color along with jade and other beads!
Druzy Teardrop Earrings - I have this pair in pink, two pair in silvery grey and 1 pair in white

 Jewelry Organizers many of those listed below have yet to be finished, but will be in time for Funk in the City!


And of course a few new designs that will be available first at Funk in the City prior to being online at the Lively Happenings store.
So what do you think?  Will you be able to come see me at Funk in the City on April 27th from 10-4?  Mention my blog and I may surprise you!

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