Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Shape Magazine Inspired Meals

This past weekend, on our drive to and from Tennessee, I was finally able to read most of the last two issues of Shape magazine.  I get them monthly, but hadn't found the time to read March or April, so I was glad for the 3 hour car rides, Neal driving both ways, and some 'me' time.
In the March edition, there's an article "Shop Once Eat All Week" with recipes by Melissa Lanz.  I typically will choose one or two recipes from the magazine to try, but this time I saw the menu and decided to base my entire weeks meal's off of these items!  You can find the full article here.
The meal plan is simple, allowing you to cook a bigger chunk of the food on Monday and then use portions of that meal to incorporate on foods you will prepare throughout the week.  I love this idea!  That means making Monday's dinner will take about 50 minutes, but Tuesday - Friday's meal will take less than 20!
Even better, I spent less than $70 on my groceries this week, and because these meals are for servings of 4, Neal and I will have leftovers!
We had to switch our days around from the article because I wanted The Fresh Market antibiotic free chicken which is on sale today (and every Tuesday this month) for $2.99/lb!  We buy in bulk and freeze.
Here's what's on the menu in the order we are cooking:
Monday:  Mediterranean Lettuce Cups with Mint Yogurt Dressing
Tuesday:  Lemon Chicken with Red Beans & Quinoa
Wednesday:  Tilapia with Asparagus and Mint Couscous (recipe calls for red snapper, but we have the tilapia)
Thursday:  Creamy Spinach Salad with Cumin Chicken and Quinoa
Friday:  Lemon-Asparagus Linguine with Italian Turkey Sausage

Question of the day:
What helps you to meal plan each week?  If you don't meal plan, would you give it a try? 


  1. I love this! $70/week for serving two is an amazing deal and the recipes all look delicious and healthy. I did a lot of meal planning last year but this winter since I spent 3 months solo while Reuben was away I kind of lost the meal planning. I live a block away from the Bozeman Co-op and I can stock up on their delicious, fresh salad bar for pretty cheap if it is just me.
    But now that Reuben is back I have been trying to plan a little more- it goes a long way in saving pennies. Enjoy your yummy meals!

    1. That would be a great deal to be able to stock up at their salad bar!
      These meals fed us all week, we fed my Dad & his girlfriend 2 of the days they were in town & we even have some chicken breasts left over still! I loved this plan, and I may have to look into more healthy options like this.