Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Killer Leg Workout

All day I looked forward to my workout!  I have a few good leg workouts I do with my husband sometime, but I wanted something different to try.  I looked on pbfingers.com and found some great workouts.  I decided to go all out and try two, one treadmill and another leg.

For my treadmill workout, I tried Julie's "25 minute hardcore treadmill workout".  Holy cow!  She wasn't kidding!  I did the same thing, I only looked at the speed and didn't really take into account the inclines, which kinda kick your booty.  It wasn't necessarily breath-taking, knock you on the floor, I can't breath...but I did have my calves screaming and my heart rate pumping.  The total workout was right over 2 miles and I burned 266 calories in 26 min. (I walked an extra minute at the end).  Click the link above if you want to try it yourself!

I followed that workout with her "Leg Workout" found here.  It was quite awesome, but I was SO SORE at the end and couldn't finish my final set of hamstring ball curls.  The workout consisted of 15 Reps and 3 Sets of each move.  Here's a little bit of notes on how I did so I may improve when I try this workout again in the future!

did this while tossing a 10lb weighted ball up on the wall

Superset One: Step ups, Deadlifts
step-ups were 15 with my right foot leading and 15 with my left foot leading
deadlifts were 1 set with 40lbs and the other 2 sets with 50lbs

Superset Two: Lunges (15 each leg), 30 sec. wall sit
lunges I did walking lunges and held 12.5lb weights in each hand (my trainer from boot camp saw me and told me I needed to have 20...I was already a little worn out from my treadmill workout, but next time I will do 20lbs
on the last wall sit, I did 1 leg in the air and switched every 5 seconds

Leg extensions
I tried 90 lbs but was so sore by this time that I moved on down to 80, then 75, then ended the 3rd set on 70lbs

Hamstring ball curls
I ended up doing basic hamstring curls with the weight machine instead of with the exercise ball.  My 1st set was great and I did 15 reps easily with 40lbs, on my 2nd set I decided to try 50lbs and was super sore by the 15th rep, and my final set was just embarrassing...my husband came over and literally pulled my weights up for me and I could still only complete 5!  Ugh!

I finished my workout with a WONDERFUL stretch.  I did a lot of downward dog into lunges, pigeon and a laying quad stretch on each side.  I did some calf stretches in downward dog and against the wall.  I followed that with just some standing bent over toe touches, a seated on legged hamstring stretch, then two legged, and finished it up with butterfly stretch.

At the end of my workout, my heart rate monitor timed me at 1 hour 9 minutes and 700 calories burned!  Not too bad :)

At home, my husband and I treated ourselves and his workout partner to some yummy homemade fajitas!

And now it's bed time - gotta make that 5:15am alarm!

Thank you Julie from www.pbfingers.com for rules of thumb on posting about recipes or workouts I may want to try from other blogs.  She told me,  "The rule of thumb I use is that I never post an entire recipe or exact workout from another blogger's blog and usually say I tried "this recipe" or "this workout" with a link back to their blog. "

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