Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cycle Weekend Workout (4.12.12)

Today's workout was extra challenging for me. You totally need to try this one! Kelly Ripa talks up Soul Cycle, raving about it on her show. This trending workout piqued my interest. I, unlike Kelly, do not live in NYC where there are gyms offering this class, and my gym doesn't offer this type of class. Did you know there's a way to try cycling on your own though?

I personally pumped up my routine with some Black Eyed Peas, Beyonce, Dorrough (Ice Cream Paint Job) and even had a little Jack Johnson in the cool down sections. As this is my first real attempt at doing something on the bike, other than just moving my legs, I opted to use an existing workout from Women's Health found here.

This was awesome, challenging, and very sweaty! I love that the routine switch up the resistance, speed or standing/sitting every 4 minutes. It kept my mind and body challenged. I went for a total of 46 minutes, 12.3 miles and burned 470 calories.

Since Neal wasn't done with his workout, I did some ab workouts followed by a nice set of stretches. All in all I worked out for 1:07 hours and burned over 630 calories!

Ab Workout:

Exercise Sets Reps Weight
Bosu Ball Side to Side Crunch 1 30 10lb ball
Lying Crunch with Exercise Ball 2 15 Exercise Ball
** V-Sit/Pike Crunch Holding Exercise Ball 2 6 Exercise Ball
Crunches Seated on Exercise ball 2 30 none
Frog Crunches with Arms Overhead Holding Weight 2 15 6lb ball
** That v-sit/pike image on the link is part of the move I did. When your legs are straight in the air and the ball is over your body, you grab it with your hands and bring them over your head as you lower your legs to the ground. Then lift your legs and arms back straight over your body, transferring the ball from hands to legs and lowering both arms and legs back to the ground the same way. That's one rep.

The links should help describe the exercises more. I am not a fitness pro, certified trainer, or expert so forgive me if I have the name wrong on that v-sit pike move!

What's your favorite ab move or routine?

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