Monday, April 23, 2012

UFC, Brisket, & a Baby!?

Do you ever go to or watch an event with your man and think, why the heck am I here?  That's how I was when I was invited with my husband to watch my first UFC fight.  I think fighting is brutal, way too bloody, mean spirited, and just insane.  However, I will be the first to admit that after watching a few fights I know that I do LOVE the weigh ins. Haha!  Any of my close friends, and especially my wonderful husband, know that I will openly admit to finding a fit man attractive, so that's why I like the weigh ins.  The men undress to their skivvies and it makes me giggle. :)

Our friends who invited us over to watch the UFC fight are expecting their first baby, so I told Neal that there was NO WAY we were going over there to eat their wonderfully cooked dinner and not bring them a baby gift. They seriously make some of the best food ever!  Especially the brisket! Mmm mmm mmm good! (Scroll down for pictures.) 

So I went shopping for little baby girl gifts!  I saw these cute tu-tu's while shopping and had to take a picture to send to my friend with a little girl!  Love them!

I got one item from their registry, a super cute night light plush turtle, and two sleep wear items not on their registry.  I put them in a super cute little monkey basket that I found for $2.50 in the Target "dollar" section.  I think it turned out pretty cute! :)

As previously stated, they make some of the best food.  They made some yummy cheese dips and bean dips, tasty cheesy scalloped potatoes, some tender barbecue chicken and the to-die-for brisket!  There were also healthier choices corn on the cob and raw, which I ate a ton of so I would stay away from the chips and dip!

Oh my gosh would you look at that brisket!

Tender and tasty barbecue chicken!

One of the other guests made this beautiful fruit pizza! 

My slice was delicious!

After finishing the UFC match at around 11 or maybe 11:30pm, we had more friends at a separate gathering to meet up with.  We found them at a bowling alley.  Don't ever ask me to go bowling.  It's just a bad idea.  I have to be in THE BEST mood to even consider going, and I have to be served yummy food or drinks to actually want to stay.  Thankfully, I was in a great mood, didn't have to bowl and just got to watch and enjoy great company!

After bowling, we went back to the home of our friend who was celebrating his birthday that night.  His wife made this awesome red velvet cake, and you better believe I enjoyed a nice slice! 

I am not sure my walk with the dogs at the Newburg Riverfront and my Tone it Up Workout really covered all the calories I consumed Saturday night, but you have to let yourself enjoy some great food once in awhile!

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