Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday Workout Turbo Sculpt (4-11-12)

Right in the middle of my workday, I was kicked off my remote connection!  I work from home and remote into the office and sometime experience connectivity issues.  Turned out not to just be my problem, the entire office was out of Internet connectivity for about 20 minutes.  I decided this would be an opportune time for a break and a dog walk. The just looked at me all cute with those puppy eyes (hadn't realized the flash made their eyes look crazy!  Oops!  And I love Sasha's smile!)

Dog walking two medium sized dogs, Walden is 40lbs and Sasha is 55lbs, is always exciting!  I have had many people stare at me like I am crazy as they occasionally get the best of me while chasing a squirrel or even sometimes a bird.  Other people just say "Wow!  What a workout that is!" and those are the people I like :) 

I do consider walking my dogs to be a workout.  Not only do I move at a quicker pace than my normal walk, I get a great arm workout when they decide to tug!  I know, I know, I should train them to walk nicer and beside me.  I do what I can to improve their walking behavior.  I have them trained to sit on command while on the leash, but not tugging like they are in the Iditarod is still a work in progress.

Today was a short walk lasting only 10 minutes.  Why you may ask?  A small boy was inside his parent's mini van where his mother had left him while she went inside.  That boy then decided he didn't want to stay in the car, and instead wanted to taunt my dogs saying "Neener-Neener-Neener" over and over again as we walked ALL the way down the street.  Sasha was pretty good at ignoring him, but Walden just couldn't stop turning around and barking at the boy.  To avoid potential chaos, I decided this was walk to be continued and I should go back home.

After work, I wasn't sure what I was doing for my actual workout, but I knew I wanted to hit my upper body since yesterday focused on my lower body.  My husband wasn't up for hitting the gym after work and instead of going solo, I decided I would just do a workout at home.  I took out my trusty TURBO JAM!!!!  I absolutely love Chalene Johnson and her Turbo workouts!

I opted to do her total-body workout "Turbo Sculpt". This is a 4o minute workout with weights.  I opted to use 8 pound weights.  I know 8lbs may seem weak, but imagine holding them and moving them to sculpt your arms and back for 40 minutes!  I averaged a heart rate of 142 and burned 300 calories.

Now don't I look happy!?
I almost always feel better after a workout!  Now get off your booty and try one yourself!

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