Tuesday, April 10, 2012

DIY Corkboard #2 (Can it Get Prettier!?)

My husband's mother asked for a cork board for her birthday to hang necklaces off.  I thought to myself, heck we are going to have to drink A LOT of wine to make this happen. 

I hadn't bought any corks for my last board, they all were gathered over the course of maybe 4 years from wine I drank and passengers drank along flights my father flew. 

So instead of being a maniac, asking all my friends to drink up unnecessarily, I opted to purchase "used" corks from Amazon for $24.93.  They were used alright..as in they had already been glued to another project!  Thank goodness I was just gluing them again so I could put the crusted pre-glued side down!

The board was created the same way as my last one shown here, but I made sure to keep the corks a little tighter this time.  I think it turned out to be absolutely beautiful.

We had a little gap that we had to fill, so we gave her a bottle of wine along with the board!

I loved the detail in frame.  The frame itself was originally $105 at Hobby Lobby, but I got it for clearance price 80% off - so around $25 bucks with tax which I thought was a steal for the detailed frame.  
The total cost of this project was about $50 dollars (a little under).  It was a lot of fun to make, we hung it my mother in-law's room and it looks gorgeous!