Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P90X Shoulders & Arms with a Side of Pecan Encrusted Fish

Good morning!  Walden woke up around 5:30 am, ate breakfast, and now he's sleepy again!  If only I could go back to bed.  Look at him, he's taunting me!  Is that a yawn, or is he just sticking out his tongue!?

I wanted to write a quick post before I start getting ready for the work day.  I was incredibly tired last night and I didn't post after my workout and dinner, so I am making up for it now!

Neal played tennis with our friend who made the incredible coconut creme pie so it wasn't a gym day for me either.  For my workout, I popped in the Shoulders & Arms P90X video.  I wasn't feeling too well, so the workout was done at moderate intensity.  I did end up burning 287 calories in 51 minutes. I wanted to share with you the general layout of this workout with the weights and reps I used.  

You can find many of these workouts by doing a google search, but purchasing the videos and working out WITH Tony Horton is the way to go! He keeps you motivated, working hard, and doesn't let you slack off with long breaks in-between circuits! I highly recommend P90X. I have attempted to do the whole 90 days 2 times now. The first time, I did two months, and then stopped. The second time I was going strong and did a month of the "Lean" program before I was forced to stop due to some eosinophilic esophagitis. (try saying that 3 times fast!)  Now, I try to do one of his videos a week because it forces me to do circuit training using lighter weights with more repetitions.

We thought dinner was going to be a bust last night.  As we tried to cover our tilapia in crumbled pecan pieces, we (mostly I) grew agitated because the pecans not only weren't sticking to the fish, they began clumping together so I had to lay them in patches on the fish!

However, dinner did turn out to be absolutely delicious!  We served the fish with a side of asparagus.

Besides Pecans, the fish was coated in a little salt, a little pepper, some garlic salt, and then some freshly squeezed lemon after it was cooked on the stove top.

Have you ever done the entire 90 days of P90X?  What did you think?  Do you have one workout you like better than the others?

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