Saturday, April 21, 2012

Early Morning Workout (Mutts Included!)

It was an early Saturday at our house.  It seems like that's been happening and going to keep happening now that it's getting warmer and brighter outside earlier.  Neal gets the joy of working on the weekends.  I actually will have to put in 30min- and hour today. (I pray no more than that!)  I didn't get to post yesterday because I worked OVER 12 hours! Yuck!  We had just enough time to cook and eat dinner together before I went back to work and then straight to bed.  However, I do value that I get to work from home, that makes it seem like 12 hours isn't so bad. 

After waking up at 5:15am, cooking breakfast, and sending Neal off with a PB&J - I know you must think that's cute :) - I leashed up the dogs and put them, some water, and myself into the car.  We were off to the riverfront! 

I absolutely love walking along the riverfront in our neighboring city, Newburgh.  It semi reminds me of some walks I took along the Greenway in Murfreesboro, around the Dam in Loudon, and through the beautiful subdivision I grew up in 5.5 hours from here in East TN.  I truly love Tennessee.  Well not really West TN since I have never lived there, but Middle is good and East TN is just the most fabulous region.  Who wouldn't love having the smokies out your backdoor?!

We stayed out for 36 minutes and I burned about 240 calories. Some parts we jogged, but mostly we just walked.

Sasha and Walden are sometimes embarrassing. When two early morning runners jogged past us Walden went crazy and began barking and jumping, which in turn made Sasha do the same. I felt horrible. It was only about 7am and they were waking up the neighborhood!  They are still great dogs though.  Mamma's babies!

We took a little pause for some leash adjustments.  As you may see, Sasha poses well for pictures.

Walden was a bit spastic and didn't pose so well without me holding him!

We did get to see lots of very pretty iris in bloom! 

I love all the homes along the river front.  It's a great mix of old and new, and all of them have such pretty landscaping.  I will have to take more pictures to share when I am not trying to walk 2 dogs and take pictures.  :) 

I get a kick out of this sign...I am not sure it's something to be proud of that you were the first part of the State taken by the Confederates and they didn't even have to fight you...

After walking the riverfront, we returned home and I did Tone it Up's Bikin Strap workout. (30 min 196 calories!)  I love Karena and Katrina's Bikini series.  Not only do you get daily workouts sent straight to your e-mail, you get great videos demonstrating the moves, awesome nutritional tips (who knew drinking water boosts your metabolism!?), and some fantastic motivation from two hard-working and inspiring women.  Best of all, you don't need a gym to do their moves!  All you need is some lighter weights, a mat, and a kick-booty-happy-go-be it mindset!  I am currently working on my vision board.  I will share that with you later.  I completely 150% recommend signing up for the Bikini workout series by clicking here and scrolling to where you see the same picture I posted below on their blog!

Now set yourself off right with a smile and enjoy your day!  Let me know if you sign up for the Bikini Series and what you think of the workouts and tips!

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