Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Home Office

This morning I wanted to start the day off right by posting about my office!  Yes, I know, it's JUST an office.  However, I LOVE my office.  It's colorful, bright, open, and partial DIY decor!

As you walk into the office, you are invited by a large window, blue and green decor, and a messy desk. :)

I love the 3 bird cages hanging from the ceiling!  One was from my father's house, and the other two I purchased at discount stores (TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshalls, I can't actually remember the exact ones!)  And yes, I do play that guitar.  I might not play it very well, but I do know a few chords!

And as we keep moving, we see the messy desk space! We no longer have that TV from the early 90's.  We donated it to Goodwill a week ago. 
 Now back to the cleaner portion of the room....I LOVE my papasan and leg rest!  We got the Papasan, the desk that holds the dual computers, a table, 2 chairs, 2 side tables, and a separate papasan cushion (now used as a dog bed) all for $50 dollars from a lovely girl who was moving to Japan with her fiance!  We got lucky with that Craigslist find!

DIY project 1 was my shutter board.  I love using old things and making them new!  I bought this and 3 other shutters for a total of 15 bucks from Goodwill!  They were brown, but I spray painted them with white crackle paint.  I am not the best at reading instructions though, so my paint never crackled.  Yes, that was really poor thinking on my behalf.  I didn't put a base coat of paint on before applying the crackle, but I still like the way it turned out!

DIY project 2 was my bird cages (discussed above!)

DIY Project 3 was my puppy fence.  When we first got Walden, we needed to keep in in sight so we could try our best to potty and house train him.

Look how cute he is!!!

DIY Project 4 was my Wet-Erase Board discussed in this portion of my blog!

One day, I hope to get a different desk, create a better calendar, and just find a place to put my desk clutter out of sight!

Now it's time to work!  I will post my workout for today later tonight.  I hope you have a wonderful day!

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