Thursday, February 16, 2012

Multi-Purpose Erase Board

Recently, my husband suggested I start writing down everything for which I am thankful.  I love organization and thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to create my much thought about dry-erase board!  I had a large frame and could double it for Thanks and Praises as well as my To Do list.

I had seen many ideas floating around the web.  Like this one  from
And this Weekly Calendar from Kristy's blog

Now I thought I would try my hand at this...easy enough, right?!

I used some leftover burlap I had purchased for another project (must post later!), and I glued it to the inside of a frame my father had given me when he was cleaning house! 

All the materials I needed were right at home!  A frame w/ a back, a glue stick, scissors and some pretty rope (next photo).

I also put some rubber bumpers on the back of the frame so I could easily write on it while it hung on my wall!  I thought it was best to hang it with a pretty rope so I could take it off the wall easily if I wanted to write a lot and get more creative. (The rope was leftover from making some nunchucks for my hubbys Halloween costume...yes random!)

Today my board had to double as a "Just Do It" list...get it done and check it off!

And here's my happy little office corner...I may have been watching Real Housewives via Hulu on the computer :)

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