Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weekly Dinner Post 4.16.12 - 4.19.12

Do you know what you are planning on making for dinner this week?  I do!  It's such a relief to not have to think about what I want for dinner at 5pm when my stomach is growling and my mood is vicious!

This weeks meals all came from our eMeals subscription we had last year.  I cannot re-post exact recipes as they are not mine, but I will probably post pictures and you will see some of the ingredients.

This weeks meals:
All of these are simple to make.  They are perfect during the week.  Normally we make a little extra so we have lunch for the next day as well.  You will notice I do not post Friday - Sunday meals.  Those days we are normally eating leftovers, eating out, or are sharing dinner with friends, so we do not plan ahead on those meals.  This week I only spent $40 on all my ingredients needed plus some extra stuff for lunch/snacks! We already had the tilapia and turkey (which was free thanks to Neal's work!)

Here's a picture of last nights Turkey BBQ Wraps! They were VERY good! 

What's your go to weekly dinner?

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