Friday, April 13, 2012

Morning Star Sausage and Psalm 118:24

I have been making breakfast for Neal and myself for almost two weeks now, and I never noticed the egg cartons had a bible verse in them!  This started the morning off in such a great way! 

You may wonder, "She's only been making breakfast for 2 weeks?  What about the other 50 weeks over the last year?"  Well, I have a wonderful husband who normally makes breakfast.  However, as of late, he has been going to work even earlier than normal.  He showers, eats, and leaves the house almost an hour and a half earlier than during the winter because, thanks to daylight savings, jobs are starting earlier.  So I get the joy of cooking breakfast and packing the occassional lunch.

Normally, we have eggs and turkey bacon.  We split 6 egg whites with 3 whole eggs, yes that's 9 eggs!  We do this four days a week.  We have a "carb" day once during the work week. 

I wanted to switch it up, so I cooked up Morning Star Maple Flavored Sausage Patties.  They are awesome :)  This week at Schnucks they had Morning Star on sale for $2.99.  That's a great deal because normally they are about a dollar fifty more!

I served the cooked sausage patties along side cheese eggs.  That's two slices of 2% American Cheese and some fresh ground pepper cooked into our 9 eggs.

I wanted mine mixed up :)

After breakfast I enjoyed some delicious coffee.  We love Coffee Mate's Natural Bliss Caramel.  The new Gevalia coffee is also delicious!  Neal and I purchased the Gevalia coffee before seeing the commercials with Johan.  This one makes me giggle uncontrollably :)  There's lots on YouTube if you like to see!

Have a happy morning!  Maybe you can FIKA with Johan ;)

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