Thursday, April 12, 2012

Chest & Tricep, Thursday Workout (4.12.12)

My mutts were SO anxious for us to get out of the house this afternoon!  I worked almost 10 hours, had to put together shrimp for dinner, pick up the back yard of my dog's unmentionables so Neal could mow, clean dishes, clean up the bathroom...and the list went on.  Finally, I gave into their whimpers, their cute tail wags, and their antsy runs back and forth from the door where their harnesses are hung. 

We went on a 28 minute run with a 5 minute cool down walk around our neighborhood.  A nice neighbor lady said, "You must be brave!"   The second time we passed her, Walden tried to leap towards her as Sasha and I ran past and she said, "No wonder why you are so skinny."  I told her thank you as we jogged onward.  I suppose "skinny" gets to me.  I would rather be told I was toned, or in-shape, or healthy because when I think of skinny I think that it means "too small".   Anyways, when the puppies were good and tired, we slowed our pace to walk and went on home. 

I decided that every other part of my body was sore, especially my legs, so I should work out my chest and triceps.  I did the following:

Exercise Sets Reps Weight
Pushups 3 20 body weight
Chest Press on Exercise Ball 3 15 two 23lb weights
Skull Crushers 3 12 one 23lb weight
Tricep Pull-down 3 15 blue band
Tricep Overhead Pull-down 3 15 blue band
Triangle Pushups 3 12 body weight

I felt pretty good after my workout.  I had a great run with my mutts and my upper body felt the burn during the strength workout.  I actually ended up doing the last set of Triangle Pushups with my knees on the ground because I was so beat.  I think I may workout too fast sometimes.  I am not great about taking a rest between my sets when I am working out solo.  I do fine when I am working out with Neal because when he's doing the exercise I am taking a break, and vice versa.

Over all I worked out a little over 1 hour, burned 577 calories and I was in my zone for 33 minutes with an average heart rate of 152!  Not too shabby.

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