Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekly Workout Wrap-Ups

It's great to be able to see everything you have accomplished all neatly laid out in front of you.  That's why I am going to post a Weekly Workout Wrap-up.  This will help me stay motivated for next week and weeks to come. 

4.9.12 - 4.15.12
DayExerciseTotal Time (in H:MM)Approx. Calories Burned
MondayRun/Walk w Dogs0:25262
TuesdayTreadmill and Leg1:09700
WednesdayTurbo Sculpt0:40300
ThursdayChest & Tricep1:00577
SaturdayCycling & Abs1:07630
Total 6:162969

4.16.12 - 4.22.12
DayExerciseTotal Time (in H:MM)Approx. Calories Burned
MondayJog w/ Dogs & Neal0:15150
TuesdayP90X Shoulders & Arms0:51287
ThursdayWalk w/ Dogs & Audrina's 4 Move Ab Workout0:40240
SaturdayWalk w/ Dogs & Tone it Up Bikini String Workout1:06436
SundayMowing the Lawn0:50210
Total 3:421323

*as you can see between my first post and my second, I did a LOT less work and burned less than 1/2 the calories.  It was my choice to work out less, but I need to be more consistent!  I know I can do it!

4.23.12 - 4.29.12
DayExerciseTotal Time (in H:MM)Approx. Calories Burned
TuesdayDoggy Boot Camp0:30139
Wednesday2 Tone it Up Workouts0:30200
ThursdayRun with Dogs0:45463
Saturday4 Mile Run0:30385
SundayWalk with Dogs and 2 Shape Workouts0:55250
Total 3:151437

Tuesday's Workout - Doggy Boot Camp consisted of working out in our side yard (it's a large open field) I took one dog at a time and did each workout across the length of the yard once with each dog.  Knee Highs, Butt Kids, Side Shuffles, Springs, and suicides.  I finished up by doing continuous squats while tossing them each a tennis ball for about 2 minutes. 

Wednesday's Workout - I did Tone It Up's Booty, Lower Abs and Love Handles Workout followed by the Sweet and Sexy Valentine's Day Workout.  Both are found here.

Sunday's Workout - After walking Walden and Sasha for about 20 minutes, I did 2 Sets of the A-List Workout found in the March 2012 issue of Shape and two sets of Audrina Patridge's Ab workout found here.

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