Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wine Cork Board from a Multi-Use Frame

Way before the times of Pinterest, I fell madly in love with my dear Aunty Jo's Wine Cork Board.  She is one of the most resourceful and crafty people I know.  Her Wine Cork Board is beautiful, intricate and MASSIVE!  She used the frame of an old door to make her Wine Cork Board.  Yes, a door!  That's a lot of wine!  Her, her husband, his co-workers, and friends had been collecting corks for years. 

Summer 2008 was when I started to collect wine corks, and I finally made my board in a 2ft x 3 ft picture frame in 2011. 

First, I picked my frame.  I got it for $10 dollars on uber clearance at Hobby Lobby. 

This frame was first used at my bachelorette party in 2010:
(the photo wall was made of 2 different wall papers.  The girls all wrote me notes on the pink paper - some funny, some sweet, and some inappropriate ;-) And from the ceiling hung ribbon in black and pink! Super cute!)

Then this frame was used again at  wedding as a chalkboard menu (I used a very cheap foam board and sprayed it with chalk paint and had my friend with much cuter handwriting write our our menu):

Now time to get to my Wine Cork Board.

Here's materials I needed to attach a permanent backing to my frame.  A hammer, a flat-head screw driver and glazier point push pins, and a think piece of wood - you can get an associate at Lowe's to cut this to size.

I put the board on the back of my frame and hammered the pins in at an angle in every corner and a few on every side.

Here's a full view from the back, you can see the pins hammered into the frame.

And a closer view from the side:

 First I laid out the corks, I didn't follow your normal 2 by 2 pattern.  I just went with it:

And hot glued them into place:


Lastly I hammered in two large sawtooth picture frame hangers at a distance where I would hit studs in my wall (the frame is indeed heavy):

And my finished product!  Proudly hanging between our living room and kitchen:

To see my 2nd Cork Board Project (even prettier!) click here!

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