Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Morning Workouts and a Killer Egg, Yogurt, Berries and Crescent Breakfast

Oh warm weather, how I love thee!  I am so excited that it feels like Spring again!  Our weather, along with everyone else in the country, keeps fooling me by getting warm and then cold and then warm again.  Let's stay warm. :)

I got up early this morning with a 4:15am alarm.  Surprisingly, it wasn't difficult to get up.  I hadn't planned on working out, but said,  "What the heck let's get a workout in".  So I had a 40 minute Bootycall.  No, it's not what it sounds like, I have posted about "Bootycalls" before.  It's a Tone it Up term and you can read about it by clicking anywhere it says "Bootycall". 

To start my workout, I did 5 rounds of Bikini Bootcamp from Tone it Up.  They created this workout with Livestrong and it was literally the BEST thing I could have done this morning to get my heart pumping, mind engaged, and my body jumping!  The workout is 4 moves you do for 30 seconds with a 15 second rest in between.  So I did each move 5 times (5 rounds of the workout).  It was 15 minutes of high intensity plyometrics, and I LOVED it!  I was breathing heavy by the end of it, and I burned over 130 calories.  However, I wasn't done there and I had more working out to do in order to complete my 40 minute Bootycall.

My 2nd workout was a 20 Minute Turbo Jam video.  I have been obsessed with Turbo Jam for years now.  I probably started doing Chalene Johnson's Turbo Jam workout in 2007 and it's been a staple in my fitness routine ever since.  I do a Turbo workout when I feel I need some high energy to keep me motivated.  The music, the moves, the dancing (I stink at dancing), and the energy of Chalene keeps me engaged in the workout.

Those two workouts, TIU Bikini Bootcamp and Turbo Jam, only brought me to 35 minutes for my Bootycall, so I needed 5 more minutes.  I opted to stretch really well for those 5 minutes.  Then Walden and Sasha, my spoiled mutts, looked at me very eagerly as they let me know it was now time for a walk.  So we went around the neighborhood for 12 minutes enjoying the lovely Spring weather.

So with my TIU Bikini Bootcamp, Turbo Jam, 5 min stretch session, and dog walk, I ended up doing a 52 minute workout this morning, burning 430 calories.

Then I enjoyed this lovely breakfast with a side of FIKA, that's coffee for those of you that didn't read this post and watch the video's linked to it. :)

Super yummy!  The white yogurt topped with blueberries is the dip from the crawfish boil post (vanilla Greek yogurt mixed with coconut shavings).  And the crescent with berries and cinnamon cream cheese has the recipe on this post.   Putting the Greek yogurt/coconut dip on top of the crescent wrap-ups creates a flavor combination to die for!

Start your morning off right, get in a good mood and enjoy wherever your day takes you!

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